Kailah Casillas of The Challenge comments on retirement decision, favorite season of show

kailah casillas in the challenge all stars 3
Kailah Casillas during The Challenge: All Stars 3 promotional video. Pic credit: MTV’s The Challenge/YouTube

On The Challenge: All Stars Season 3, viewers saw the return of former finalist Kailah Casillas to the show, which was a surprise for many, considering her age.

At 29 years old, many Challenge fans felt Kailah wasn’t necessarily an All-Star player and should still be competing on the main MTV show.

However, her new life had her living in the United Kingdom with Sam Bird, whom she married earlier this year. Her living situation and life with Sam made it tougher for her to commit to the lengthy filming schedule of The Challenge.

She was able to give her time for the third season of Paramount Plus’ spinoff, featuring All Stars. For Season 3, host TJ Lavin said only former finalists would be in the game.

Viewers watched as Kailah played an effective political and social game, relying on a dominant alliance called the Treehouse, and she ultimately reached the final.

While she couldn’t defeat Jonna Mannion in the final to win $250,000, it seems, based on recent comments on her Instagram Story, that she thoroughly enjoyed her return to the competition.

It may have also changed her stance on retirement regarding MTV’s main show.

Kailah calls All Stars her favorite season of The Challenge

In answering fan questions on her IG Story on Thursday, individuals asked Kailah Casillas about many things regarding The Challenge. That included asking about her all-time favorite elimination and favorite season. In responding to the latter question, she said it was easily All Stars 3.

“It was the first season that I genuinely enjoyed. Everyone was so nice (while filming, things changed after filming ?) but the whole vibe of the house was light and fun and not toxic like every other show I’ve done. I just felt more relaxed. It was so fun,” she replied.

“Maybe it helped that I was winning?” she also said in her IG Story response.

kailah casillas comments all stars favorite season
Pic credit: @kailah_casillas/Instagram

Kailah previously said she retired from MTV show

In previous comments that Kailah made online, she seemed to indicate she wouldn’t return for MTV’s The Challenge due to the time commitment. However, her reply to a recent fan question on her IG Story seems to backtrack on those comments.

A fan asked if her decision to retire from The Challenge might have changed based on how well she did on the All Stars 3 spinoff.

According to Kailah, her competitive side always wins, and she hates “how addicting” The Challenge is for her.

“I really love the feeling of competing (and winning) and I do want that title. Because I did so well on All Stars, it definitely lit a fire under my butt. But, we’ll see what happens in the future. It’s been a long, long reality TV road that I totally didn’t expect but maybe it’s not over yet, who knows!” She wrote.

kailah casillas comments about retirement remarks
Pic credit: @kailah_casillas/Instagram

Kailah originally started her reality TV journey with Real World: Go Big or Go Home before jumping into The Challenge with the Invasion of the Champions season. She also appeared on Dirty 30, Vendettas, Final Reckoning, Total Madness, and the Champs vs. Stars 2 spinoff.

She reached the Vendettas final in 2017, finishing in fourth place behind Kyle Christie, Zach Nichols, and winner Cara Maria Sorbello.

In that season and All Stars 3, the runner-up competitors received no prize money even if they finished the final. With that, it seems Kailah may be intent on returning for another season of The Challenge so she can finally add her name to the list of champions on the competition show.

The Challenge: All Stars episodes are available on Paramount Plus. The Challenge Season 38 is TBA for MTV.

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