Who won The Challenge: All Stars Season 3? Episode 10 features winners crowned for TJ’s final

tj lavin in the challenge all stars 3 episode 10 final
TJ Lavin greets The Challenge: All Stars 3 finalists during his final in Episode 10. Pic credit: Paramount+

The Challenge: All Stars 3, Episode 10 picked up with TJ Lavin’s final challenge underway and competitors scrambling for their tandem kayaks. The pairs for this stretch were Nia Moore with Wes Bergmann, Mark Long with KellyAnne Judd, Nehemiah Clark with Kailah Casillas, and Brad Fiorenza with Jonna Mannion.

As the tandem kayak race began, Wes led the men with 18 points, followed by Nehemiah with 15, Brad with nine, and Mark with three. For the women, Jonna held the lead with 15 points. Nia was second with 13, followed by Kailah with 12 and KellyAnne with five.

Mark and KellyAnne reached the checkpoint first to pick up the most points. Next, Nehemiah and Kailah arrived, followed by Brad and Jonna and then Wes and Nia.

OGs battle it out in King of the Hill

After reaching shore with their kayaks, each Challenger had to face an opponent in King of the Hill. Host TJ Lavin said it was the first event he ever hosted on The Challenge: Gauntlet II in 2005.

Competitors went one-on-one on a raft floating in the water and had to knock their opponent off. The winner would receive five points, and the losers got nothing.

Brad knocked Wes off the raft in the first one to pick up five points. Next, KellyAnne and Nia battled it out, with KellyAnne rushing to push Nia and Nia tossing her in the water easily. Mark also won his battle against Nehemiah quickly. Jonna and Kailah grappled for a bit in the final matchup, but Jonna eventually pushed her off.

jonna mannion and kailah casillas in the challenge all stars 3 king of the hill
Jonna Mannion and Kailah Casillas battle in The Challenge: All Stars 3, Episode 10. Pic credit: Paramount+

After tandem kayaks and King of the Hill, Jonna led the women with 22 points, followed by Nia with 19, Kailah with 15, and KellyAnne with nine. For the men, Wes had a slight lead at 19, with Nehemiah in second with 18. Brad had 16 followed by Mark with 12.

Heavy sandbags, overnight portion of final arrives

New pairs formed for the next stretch of the final. It was Brad with Jonna, Mark with Nia, Nehemiah with Kellyanne, and Wes with Kailah.

The pairs had to transport 100 pounds of sandbags to their next checkpoint. Some teams decided to take all their sandbags and try for one trip. Nehemiah and KellyAnne opted to try two trips which they felt was a mistake after seeing castmates go past them.

Mark and Nia finished first, followed by Wes and Kailah. Jonna and Brad were third, with KellyAnne and Nehemiah reaching the checkpoint last.

After TJ congratulated everyone for bringing sand to the beach, he told them it was time for the overnight portion, bringing groans from the competitors.

However, he revealed that they would switch up the overnight situation and told the competitors they would sleep on a yacht overnight with $500,000 on board. That way they could spend time with the prize money.

The OGs enjoyed the accommodations and food on board the yacht, including Mark reenacting the Titanic scene with Nehemiah. However, Brad thought there had to be a catch with all this. Mark and Brad chatted, with Mark saying he’s going to give Day 2 his all for his mom, who is battling cancer.

Wes was dealing with sea sickness, as was KellyAnne, but they tried to get some rest. The following day, the cast enjoyed a good breakfast on the yacht.

Day 2 of TJ’s final features eliminations

TJ greeted the OGs on the beach after their overnight yacht experience. He revealed Jonna was leading with 24 points, followed by Nia with 23. Wes led the men with 22, followed by Nehemiah’s 21 points.

However, TJ revealed the twist: only those four competitors had secured spots on Day 2 of the final. The other four had to fight in an elimination round to determine who continued.

It was Kailah vs. KellyAnne and Mark vs. Brad. TJ reminded them of the map in the house, which had every location of The Challenge finals on it. The elimination involved a crossword puzzle on a map featuring the names of 10 of those countries.

host tj lavin laughs during all stars 3 finale event
TJ Lavin laughs at OG’s misspelled countries during The Challenge: All Stars 3, Episode 10 elimination. Pic credit: Paramount+

KellyAnne studied the map, but Kailah hadn’t. Nia and Jonna watched from nearby and spoke about possible karma for Kailah cheating during the All Stars 3, Episode 9 Arena event. Mark had issues spelling country names, bringing TJ to laugh with the other cast members.

Somehow Kailah guessed all her countries and won, eliminating KellyAnne. Brad was frustrated but soon started guessing them and also won, ending Mark’s run on All Stars 3.

Final race to determine winners of the $500,000

TJ announced that it was down to the final stretch, involving a race to the yacht where two winners would split $500,000. He said there’d be some surprises along the way.

A foot race brought them to a checkpoint where each All Star had to consume two pounds of disgusting food before they could continue. Each OG had a scale featuring crickets, animal guts, and other non-appetizing items. Everyone struggled, so it brought plenty of vomiting with it. It also forced Nehemiah to disregard being a vegetarian and eat meat.

Wes eventually “separated his soul from his body,” as he said, and finished first to take off. Jonna also finished hers for the women’s side and took off. Brad left next, followed by Kailah.

ogs in the challenge all stars 3 episode 10 eating checkpoint
OGs attempt to consume disgusting foods during The Challenge: All Stars 3 final. Pic credit: Paramount+

They raced to a checkpoint where they had to complete a tangram puzzle inside a giant star, then grab a surfboard and continue. Wes finished his puzzle just after Brad arrived. Jonna was trying to finish her puzzle as Kailah arrived.

Back at the food checkpoint, Nia and Nehemiah were struggling. Nehemiah encouraged her not to quit, despite being in last place. The song When You Believe by Mariah Carey played as they choked and vomited up food.

Once they had surfboards, they went to another puzzle checkpoint where they had to build a pyramid of blocks on top of a large star structure. However, the wind was a significant factor and knocked Jonna’s puzzle down.

Wes saw Brad arrive at the puzzle, but completed his, kicked it over, and took off with his surfboard. Kailah was right behind Jonna in the puzzle area, but Jonna finished hers and took off. Kailah finished soon after and took off, as did Brad, feeling they still had a shot at catching up.

Who won The Challenge: All Stars 3? TJ greets winners on yacht

Ultimately, Wes Bergmann and Jonna Mannion reached the yacht with their surfboards, claiming $250,000 each. Brad and Kailah finished as runner-ups, while Nehemiah and Nia finished in third place.

Wes helped Jonna get on board the yacht and hugged her as she was in tears. TJ Lavin was on the yacht to congratulate them on the win.

It’s back-to-back All Stars wins for Jonna, who Wes said is an entirely different player from when he saw her on earlier seasons they did.

tj lavin with wes and jonna on yacht in the challenge all stars 3
TJ Lavin greets Wes Bergmann and Jonna Mannion on board a yacht in The Challenge: All Stars 3. Pic credit: Paramount+

The rest of the cast sat on the beach and reminisced over having a great season. Kailah cried over not winning and how she did on All Stars. Brad comforted her and Nia on how they did this season, suggesting they’d look back on it fondly one day.

Brad vowed to get in the best shape of his life and return stronger. Nia also said she wanted to come back and redeem herself. Nehemiah also planned to return and said his remaining goal is to get an All Stars win.

The episode ended with Jonna reminiscing over proving herself as someone who doesn’t just skate by to get to the final. Wes also celebrated winning yet again as Pat Benatar’s The Warrior played on. He said he would cherish this win and probably buy a Lamborghini.

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