The Challenge spoilers: Jonna Mannion’s Real World castmates react to her All Stars 2 season and growth

jonna mannion in the challenge all stars 2 confessional
Jonna Mannion appears in a confessional interview for The Challenge: All Stars 2. Pic credit: MTV

The Challenge: All Stars 2 season reunited three of The Real World: Cancun’s cast members as Derek Chavez and Jasmine Reynaud joined OG Jonna Mannion for the spinoff series.

It gave Jonna a mini-alliance of sorts as she returned for the second season of All Stars. During All Stars 1, Jonna reached the final and tied for first place amongst the women with KellyAnne Judd.

Now that her latest season has concluded, several of her Real World castmates offered their thoughts on her performance in All Stars 2.

This report will contain spoilers for The Challenge: All Stars 2 season, including the names of finalists and winners.

Derek Chavez congratulates Jonna on All Stars 2

MTV’s The Real World: Cancun originally took place in 2009. Eight strangers were picked to live together in Cancun, Mexico, and work with a travel organization to give visiting college students a safe and fun vacation.

Jonna was among the original cast members, which also included Derek, Jasmine, Emilee Fitzpatrick, Ayiiia Elizarraras, Bronne Bruzgo, and CJ Koegel. The eighth cast member, Joey Rozmus, was fired in Episode 8 for missing his work shifts repeatedly.

While this cast had their share of drama and incidents, they all seemed to come out of it as good friends. The Cancun cast has a bond that’s remained well beyond their season. That definitely showed with Derek, Jonna, and Jasmine’s tight-knit relationship on All Stars 2.

Several of Jonna’s castmates were rooting her on as she and her teammate MJ Garrett reached the All Stars 2 final. MJ and Jonna would ultimately win the final, making them $500,000 richer.

Following All Stars 2, Episode 10, Derek Chavez praised Jonna for how far she’s come and for doing exactly what she said she would.

“Can’t begin to say how happy and proud I am of @jonnamannion for saying she was gonna win and did the damn thing. 2 seasons back to back finals, no elimination, and being the top spot for girls both times. Time to celebrate girl. Love you Real world Cancun 4 life,” Derek wrote in his caption.

Derek tagged Jonna, who responded with “Love you,” showing admiration for her Cancun castmate.

jonna mannion shows love derek chavez
Pic credit: @d.e.r.e.k.c /Instagram

Derek and Jonna previously teamed up in The Challenge: Battle of the Seasons (2012), with CJ Koegel and Jasmine Reynaud also there. Unfortunately, Derek and Jonna were eliminated just before the season’s final by Ashley Marie Kelsey and Frank Sweeney of The Real World: San Diego.

Emilee Fitzpatrick praises Jonna for inspiring others

“Jonna, Jonnaldo, Jonnnnnbae, and any annoying nickname I’ve given you in between. You were my roommate roomie. We have seen bright skies and rainy days, but at the end of it all I just have seen you grow into a beautiful woman and mother, and now, an all star (which we all already thought you were and are). This is your moment to shine and it’s so deserved,” Emilee said in her caption.

Emilee reminded Jonna that she inspired many viewers and won the All Stars 2 season with “grace and kindness and all the strength.”

“You have inspired so many mothers, and shown all the a**hats who doubted you to STEP THEIR GAME UP. I’m proud of you but that doesn’t matter, what matters is how proud you should be of yourself. You in the words of @tjlavin “killed it.” Appreciate this moment and know you did it with grace and kindness and all the strength. You’re a bad a**,” Emilee said in praising Jonna.

In her caption, Emilee also mentions she couldn’t find a throwback photo from their time on Free Agents but included another of her and Jonna together. She also explained the strength of the Cancun castmates’ bond.

“You f**k with one of us from Cancun you’re f***ing with us all,” Emilee said, adding, “we have a bond no one can break unlike other seasons.”

emilee fitzpatrick shares thoughts jonna mannion all stars 2 season
Pic credit: @iwantmyemtv/Instagram

Emilee Fitzpatrick nearly joined her Real World: Cancun castmates on The Challenge: All Stars 2 season, as she was an alternate. However, the cast didn’t need any replacements, and Emilee didn’t end up appearing. Depending on how many more seasons of All Stars arrive on Paramount Plus, she could appear in the future.

If Emilee or any other Real World: Cancun stars do get on a future All Stars season, their castmate Jonna Mannion will most likely be amongst their biggest cheerleaders and supporters. For now, she should certainly enjoy the spotlight, though, as she earned it.

The Challenge: All Stars 2 episodes are available on-demand on Paramount Plus.

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