Who wins The Challenge: All Stars Season 2? Spoilers arrive as winners share reactions

the challenge all stars 2 set in cancun mexico
The Challenge: All Stars 2 took place in Cancun, Mexico. Pic credit: Paramount+

Fans who have been unable to check out the spinoff series are wondering who wins The Challenge: All Stars season 2, as it featured OG cast members competing for $500,000 in Cancun.

Those OGs consisted of Fresh Meat, Real World, and Road Rules stars from MTV, some of whom appeared on the first season of the Paramount Plus spinoff.

This report will contain The Challenge: All Stars 2 spoilers, including the final results and names of the winners. At least one of those winners has since reacted to their victory.

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Who wins The Challenge: All Stars Season 2?

When All Stars 2, Episode 10 arrived, it was down to just four partnerships remaining in the game. They were Teck Holmes and Ayanna Mackins, Darrell Taylor and Janelle Casaneve, Melinda Collins with Nehemiah Clark, and MJ Garrett with Jonna Mannion.

Host TJ Lavin revealed after Darrell and Janelle had just won an elimination that it was time to start the final right then. He met the competitors at the beach, and it was time to go.

It first involved a night of sleep deprivation, as teammates took turns standing on a log around a campfire while their partners slept in a hammock. Nobody slept particularly well, but they were still ready to go when TJ met them the following day.

From there, it was time for a final consisting of two phases. The first phase featured competitors traveling down different paths in the jungle to get to checkpoints. They’d need to complete each checkpoint’s puzzle or memory board back at a central site called the Nucleus.

Upon completing each of the three checkpoints, teams received a piece of their mandala, a symbol they assembled on a large board. The first team to get their mandala completed would win Phase 1. Whichever team came in fourth had to go home.

It ended up being the fierce Ayanna Mackins who told her partner, Teck, and host TJ Lavin she couldn’t continue, even though they were nearing their third part of the mandala. That eliminated them from the running as the three other teams continued. Melinda and Nehemiah won Phase 1.

Phase 2 consisted of the competitors meeting TJ at a buffet table of Mexican food. Of course, that doesn’t just mean eating regular Mexican food on The Challenge. The menu featured Mexican dishes that included crickets, cockroaches, and fisheyes. A cup of blood was there to wash it all down.

Competitors had to finish all of their food, then race to the end of a runway to find several boards featuring equations. Those equations consisted of picture symbols and numbers. Competitors needed to figure out the solutions to all the equations to get numbers for a combination lock.

That lock was on a safe at another part of the runway, and each safe contained $500,000. The first team to retrieve their money, put it all in a bag, and race to a small plane at the end of the runway would win.

All three teams got to the safes as night fell upon them. They struggled to figure out the combination locks until Jonna noticed instructions nearby. That enabled her and MJ to open their safe, grab the money, and run for the finish line. They met TJ Lavin inside the plane, and it took off with the new champs, Jonna Mannion and MJ Garrett.

It’s worth noting that Ayanna Mackins, Janelle Casaneve, and Melinda Collins also put up valiant efforts. In particular, Janelle and Melinda gritted through various injuries to keep going in the game.

All Stars 2 winners react to their journey

Following her win on The Challenge: All Stars 2, the new champion Jonna shared her thoughts about competing in the season, calling it her “favorite.”

“All Stars 2 that’s a wrap!! Thank you everyone who was rooting us on and for all the congratulations. This will go down as one of my favorite seasons I’ve been a part of,” Jonna shared in her IG post’s caption.

“Besides the win… all of the amazing people on this cast made it truly special. And to do another season with @d.e.r.e.k.c and @jazmtv in the same city our Real World season was 12 years ago was so surreal!!” she said.

Jonna’s second season of the spinoff reunited her with Real World: Cancun castmates Derek Chavez and Jasmine Reynaud. Jasmine nearly reached the final alongside partner Laterrian Wallace but was eliminated a few episodes ahead of it.

It was Jonna’s second spinoff season appearance, as she reached the final in the debut season on Paramount Plus. She actually tied for first with KellyAnne Judd in terms of the ladies competing, but a prize only went to first place, which was Yes Duffy.

MJ Garrett hasn’t shared a post with a reaction to his win just yet but reflected on his return to a Challenge final in an Instagram post before the episode.

“It’s the FINALS baby ?! Been 17 years since I won my first final in Trinidad and Tobago on the Gauntlet 2… Tune in today to see if I still have enough gas in the tank to do it again,” MJ wrote in his caption.

MJ, a former cast member on MTV’s The Real World: Philadelphia, competed in three seasons of The Challenge ahead of the spinoff appearance. In his rookie season, The Gauntlet 2, he was a member of the Rookies team that won. His teammates included OGs Jodi Weatherton, Alton Williams, and Landon Lueck.

The 41-year-old MJ also returned for The Gauntlet III and appeared in The Duel II but couldn’t capture another title. However, his return for The Challenge: All Stars 2 proved successful as he can add another title and more money to his competitive accomplishments!

The Challenge: All Stars 2 episodes are available on Paramount Plus.

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