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The Challenge’s Kailah Casillas announces exclusive superhero NFTs in skimpy costume

kailah casillas announces superhero nfts
Kailah Casillas appears in a confessional interview for The Challenge: All Stars 3. Pic credit: Paramount+

From The Challenge on MTV to The Challenge: All Stars spinoff on Paramount Plus, Kailah Casillas has shown she is somewhat of a superhero within the reality TV competition world with wins in daily challenges and eliminations and reaching TJ Lavin’s final.

Now she’s transforming herself into a superhero on the blockchain with an exclusive collection of NFTs.

The 29-year-old reality TV star recently revealed her upcoming foray into the digital collectibles world as she posed in a skimpy Wonder Woman costume and shared a behind-the-scenes video with more details.

Kailah Casillas is Wonder Woman for NFT announcement

On Sunday, The Challenge: All Stars 3’s Kailah Casillas shared an eye-catching Instagram post with her fans, showing herself flashing a peace sign as she cosplayed popular comic book superhero Wonder Woman.

Kailah’s cosplay was a bit skimpier than what the DC Comics superhero usually wears, though, with a brown bikini for the costume, along with the traditional knee-high brown boots.

The costume featured shiny gold belt straps around Kailah’s chest, shoulders, and midsection. She also wore Wonder Woman’s trademark tiara and shiny armbands and had a lasso attached to her hip.

In her caption, she announced her upcoming superhero NFTs in collaboration with the NFC Superheroes Club. Kailah also thanked Seb Xavier, whom she called “the best photographer/illustrator” in London, for bringing her vision to life.

NFT is short for nun-fungible tokens and refers to digital collectibles on the blockchain. One of the most prominent examples is NBA TopShot, which allows collectors to acquire highlight videos of various NBA stars. Those moments can be purchased and sold on a marketplace, sometimes for exponentially higher prices.

Kailah isn’t the first celebrity or reality TV star to get involved in the world of NFTs. Last month, UFC star Paige VanZant launched an exclusive content NFT collection featuring 3D videos of herself. VanZant’s NFTs allow owners different ways to interact, such as spinning her around, zooming in on her, or even using VR headsets.

Melissa Reeves, a former rival and castmate of Kailah’s on MTV’s The Challenge, revealed her collection of NFTs several weeks ago. However, Melissa’s were not digital representations of herself but collectible digital rabbit characters in a rain forest.

Kailah shares behind-the-scenes video with NFT details

Along with her Instagram announcement post, Kailah and her husband, Sam Bird, also shared a new YouTube vlog showing behind-the-scenes footage from her superhero NFT shoot.

In the four-minute video, Kailah’s hubby narrates early on as they show Kailah in costume and posing for photos that will become the NFTs.

They also check out the Urban Legends donut shop in the UK, make a stop for Kailah to get some tattoo work done, and then head off for the states. One of their first stops in America was Miami, where Sam, Kailah, and friends attended a Justin Bieber concert.

At the end of the video, Sam and Kailah were sunning themselves outdoors and revealed they would be sharing more vlogs about their trip to the United States. In addition, Sam told fans to join their Discord group, where Kailah’s Wonder Woman NFTs will launch on a “first come, first serve” basis.

Based on details in the YouTube video, there will only be 250 of the Kailah Wonder Woman NFTs available. Fans interested in getting one will need to have signed up for Discord and join the NFT Superheroes server.

Additional information about Kailah’s NFTs is available at the NFT Superheroes website, which indicates owners will get “an exclusive piece of art and access to unseen content.” A video clip on the site shows Kailah posing as Wonder Woman and creative artwork coming to life around her.

In addition to seeing Kailah as an NFT superhero, fans can watch her in episodes of The Challenge: All Stars 3, where she’s amongst OGs from MTV’s Real World and Road Rules shows competing for a share of $500,000.

The Challenge: All Stars 3 episodes are available streaming on-demand at Paramount Plus.

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