Kail Lowry’s ex Chris Lopez says he feels ‘bad’ for Lauren Comeau after she reportedly hit Javi Marroquin

Chris Lopez and Lauren Comeau from Teen Mom 2
Chris Lopez feels “bad” for Lauren Comeau after her incident with Javi Marroquin. Pic credit: MTV and @lauren3elizabeth/Instagram

Chris Lopez has spoken out about the incident between former Teen Mom 2 star Javi Marroquin and his ex-fiancée, Lauren Comeau, and revealed that he feels “bad” for Lauren.

On Tuesday, July 20, multiple calls were made to the Dover Police station for a domestic matter, and one call came from a female who was “concerned for the welfare of a child.”

According to a source, Lauren “hit Javi in the face and kicked him multiple times.” No one was injured, no arrests were made, and the incident is under investigation.

News of Javi Marroquin and Lauren Comeau’s domestic incident spread quickly

News of the incident spread quickly, and Lauren’s ex-fiance Javi Marroquin joined his other baby mama, Teen Mom 2 star Kail Lowry, on an Instagram live. Kail slammed Lauren in the video, telling her, “We’re not going to act like you didn’t call me a fat f**k and a fat piece of s**t last night or the other night, whenever I called you, to call you out on your s**t.”

Briana DeJesus of Teen Mom 2 even got herself in the middle of the drama. During an Instagram live, Briana mocked Kail and Lauren regarding their alleged domestic violence incidents. Kail has also been involved in similar incidents — she was filmed during Season 4 of Teen Mom 2, attacking her then-husband Javi Marroquin.

Kail later admitted to regretting the incident but went on to reportedly assault another one of her baby daddies, Chris Lopez. Kail was arrest in September 2020 for allegedly punching Chris several times after he cut their son Lux’s hair without her consent.

Chris Lopez spoke out about Javi and Lauren’s incident

The last Teen Mom 2 cast member to get involved in the drama between Kail, Javi and Lauren is Chris Lopez. Teen Mom fan page Teen Mom Chatter shared an Instagram live that Chris recorded.

In the Instagram live, Chris answered some questions from his followers while he killed some time. One question came across Chris’s screen asking him, “Do you feel bad for Lauren?”

Chris revealed he ‘actually does’ feel ‘bad’ for Lauren

Chris answered, “Not even gonna lie, I actually do, cuz that s**t’s corny, what people [are] doing. That s**’s corny. But that ain’t my business.”

One of Lauren’s enemies even took things as far as seemingly trying to get her fired when they direct messaged Lauren’s employer, Arbonne, and wrote, “Just wondering why you guys let someone who is accused of domestic violence work for you?”

Chris doesn’t speak to Teen Mom 2 star Kail Lowry unless it’s regarding their children

Chris also addressed co-parenting with Kail during his live and told his fans, “I wouldn’t call what I do co-parenting. That’s why I can’t really speak on co-parenting. All I know is, focus on yourself and that’s about it. I focus on the kids,” and added that he doesn’t speak to Kail “unless it’s about the kids.”

Despite their (still) seemingly rocky relationship, Teen Mom 2 fans thought that Kail still showed feelings for Chris in last week’s episode. But Kail and Chris have since made it clear that they aren’t romantically involved. The former couple shares sons Lux, 3, and Creed, 11 months.

While Kail has been vacationing in the Dominican Republic, fans speculated that Chris joined her and the kids, but she shot down the rumors.

Earlier this year, Chris made it clear that he and Kail aren’t headed for romance anytime soon — when asked if he saw a future relationship with Kail, Chris simply answered, “No.”

Teen Mom 2 airs on Tuesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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