Josh Duggar in federal prison — Here’s what he and Anna Duggar can’t do during visits

Josh Duggar working on a house.
Josh Duggar is officially serving time in federal prison. Pic credit: @annaduggar/Instagram

Josh Duggar was moved out of Washington County last week. The former reality TV star had been incarcerated there since his conviction in December 2021.

He was removed from the facility and transported to the federal prison, where he will serve his 12.5-year sentence that was handed down back in May.

Texas will house Josh. He was moved to Seagoville, just outside of Dallas, Texas. It was one of two suggested by the defense for where their client should be held, and Judge Brooks agreed with Seagoville. The prison has a sex offender program, which he believed Josh could benefit from being a part of.

Anna Duggar heads to visit Josh Duggar

Last week, Anna Duggar celebrated turning 34. It was the first time she broke her silence following Josh Duggar’s conviction and sentencing.

She took to her Instagram story to reveal she was road-tripping to see her “best friend.” Presumably, that is Josh Duggar, and the timeline of his move would coincide with it perfectly.

Anna hasn’t seen her husband in person since December, when he was led away in handcuffs following a guilty verdict. He remained in Washington County from December until June, when he was moved to Texas.

What stipulations are in place for Josh Duggar’s visitors?

Visitors must follow plenty of rules when visiting someone incarcerated in federal prison.

Since Josh Duggar and Anna Duggar are married, she is someone who can visit her husband without issue. However, no conjugal visits are allowed in any federal prisons across the country. A dress code must also be followed, especially because other visitors will be present. Anna shouldn’t have any issue with that, as she subscribes to the overly-modest policy the Duggars have in effect.

Without conjugal visits, Anna and Josh are likely done having children. They welcomed their youngest, Madyson, last fall. There are seven children between them, and their baby will be roughly ten years old when he is released from custody.

There are also limits on how many visiting hours there are per month. All of this depends on the facility a prisoner is located in, the number of visits requested, and their allotted visiting days and hours.

It’s unclear if Anna will be the only one who visits Josh as he serves out his sentence. Jim Bob Duggar talked with his son on the phone while he was in Washington County. It’s a drive from Arkansas, where the Duggars are based, so a once-a-month drive may only be doable by his wife. Whether Anna brings the kids to see their dad remains unknown.

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11 months ago

Well I will make this even worse for the Duggars!! My husband has been in Seagoville for 6 years and when COVID hit I didn’t see him for almost a year. Once we were able to start visiting there were barricades put up and we have to try to talk through a little metal grooved speaker and it’s very hard to hear because everyone is screaming to be able to hear. I haven’t been able to touch my husband for over 2 1/2 years. The compound just got off of RED and back down to YELLOW and we can only visit on certain days, according to there building. Only 2 adults and 2 children are allowed to visit. If the compound ever opens up it is pure HELL to get in. Your talking approximately 1700 inmates and your in Dallas/Ft Worth metroplex. There is no consistency with the guards, Honestly depends on there mood for that particular day. There are so many other things I could say, but I won’t!!!! Josh has lucked out because he is in a building that has air conditioning, 3 buildings have no air conditioning and we are in Texas and it’s been 100-105 for over a month.