Josh Duggar asks for new trial, accuses federal agents of misconduct

Josh Duggar in a 19 Kids and Counting confessional.
Josh Duggar wants a new trial. Pic credit: TLC

Josh Duggar has filed an appeal for a new trial in a bid to overturn his conviction. 

The former 19 Kids and Counting star is currently serving 12.5 years in a low-security Texas federal prison, with visitors only allowed for a limited amount of time per month. 

It’s no surprise Josh and his team of attorneys filed an appeal as he continues to maintain his innocence. His family has also mostly stood behind him, except for some of his sisters who spoke out against his crimes. 

His wife Anna Duggar has supported her husband throughout the entire ordeal, from accompanying him to turn himself in after the initial warrant was issued to regularly staying with him while he was under the guardianship of the Rebers.

The investigation and case involving his crimes went on for almost three years, and will now continue as Josh fights for his freedom.

A filed appeal reveals what grounds Josh and his attorneys are using to ask for a new trial. 

Why does Josh Duggar want a new trial? 

According to the paperwork viewed by The Sun, Josh Duggar claims he was “restrained” in a vehicle during an interrogation by federal agents at his car lot in Arkansas. His team also alleges the agents prohibited the former reality TV star from calling his attorney by taking away his phone. 

At one point in the detailed accounts, based on what Josh told his attorneys, it claims, “The Government clings to the notion that Duggar was allegedly told he was free to leave — even though the Government is silent about the inconvenient fact that he had no means to leave. He would have effectively had to walk on the shoulder of a rural highway to leave the police-dominated environment.”

There is also talk about Josh not being allowed to accuse someone else of the crimes. He has held onto the fact that he wasn’t the only one working at the car lot, and the other man there, Caleb Williams, is a convicted sex offender.

The defense claimed that he could have been the perpetrator, but there were limits put on what was allowed to be asked or submitted during the trial.

Where has Anna Duggar been? 

While all this has gone down with Josh Duggar, Anna Duggar has remained out of the spotlight and has yet to release a statement following the conviction. 

Her children have been spotted here and there in Duggar videos, including the baby girl the couple welcomed just ahead of Josh’s conviction. Madyson was held by one of the younger Duggar sisters at an ugly sweater party. 

With the appeal and request for a new trial filed, it is a wait-and-see game for Josh Duggar and his attorneys. He will remain in Texas for now and throughout the trial, unless he gets his conviction overturned, and in that case, he will be back in Arkansas with his family.

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1 month ago

If Josh gets a new trial can they give him even MORE prison time which he deserves?