Jorge Nava released from prison, discusses plans with 90 Day Fiance fans

jorge nava incarcerated 90 day fiance star
Jorge Nava was just released from Arizona State Prison. Pic credit: @_jorgenava__/Instagram

Jorge Nava, star of the fourth season of 90 Day Fiance, is finally free after serving a 2-year prison sentence. 

Jorge was arrested in Arizona back in 2018 for transporting nearly 300 pounds of marijuana in the trunk of his car.  He announced his new freedom in an Instagram post.

“The sky is the limit #freedom” he captioned the release photo. 

Jorge tells all on Instagram Live

In addition to the post, Jorge took to Instagram Live to answer fan questions. He revealed on the livestream that he was actually released from prison yesterday.

Jorge streamed from a car while his nephew- who calls himself Jorge’s “manager”- drove the two around Scottsdale. 

Fans asked questions about Jorge’s plans for the future, but he was somewhat coy about what he’ll be up to next.

“It’s all a secret, you’ll just have to wait and see.” 

Jorge did, however, hint that fans may be able to see him on Youtube soon. 

More immediately, Jorge is looking forward to spending time with his mom, who he still hasn’t seen since his release. He’s required to stay in Arizona for a few days before he can return to California to see his family.  

Another fan asked what Jorge first did after his release.

“I went to have breakfast,” responded Jorge, “I got to order from a menu.” It was a simple luxury that Jorge really appreciated after all that time behind bars.

Apparently, Jorge is taking responsibility for his past actions. When a fan began discussing how she thought his short sentence was unfair, Jorge cut her off. “I made the wrong choice, unfortunately,” he said.

Jorge wouldn’t discuss Anfisa

Jorge famously slimmed down during his time in prison, although that wasn’t enough to impress his estranged wife Anfisa. She has been spotted with a new man and Jorge vowed to divorce her as soon as possible after his release.

Although 90 Day Fiance fans were eager to discuss his pending divorce, Jorge was wary of talking about Anfisa. “I really don’t want to talk about relationship stuff right now,” he said.

All in all, Jorge seemed to be enjoying his newfound freedom. He did, however, acknowledge the irony of leaving prison and entering a world quarantined due to coronavirus.

“It’s kind of crazy because we can’t really enjoy it now because of COVID,” he said of his release. 

That said, Jorge Nava is certainly much happier a free man. We’ll have to wait and see what’s next for Jorge in the coming months.

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days airs Sundays at 8/7c on TLC. 

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