Jisela Delgado from The Challenge reveals if she’d return for an All Stars 4 season

jisela delgado during the challenge all starts aftermath show
The Challenge’s Jisela Delgado answered a fan’s question about a possible return for All Stars. Pic credit: Paramount+

It’s been a minute since fans have seen former Road Rules star Jisela Delgado competing in The Challenge. She was amongst the OG cast members for the Paramount Plus spinoff’s premiere season, The Challenge: All Stars.

As fans saw in that first season of the spinoff, Jisela suffered a severe leg injury while competing in an elimination event. Even though she attempted to compete in the final, she and her teammate Derrick Kosinski finished in last place for the first event, so they got eliminated via a purge.

With that in mind, Jisela had surgery and rehab following her first season, so she wasn’t part of All Stars second season. There’s a third season on the way, with the cast yet to be revealed, and fans are wondering when Jisela will return.

Jisela Delgado comments about her TV return

Jisela recently opened up her Instagram Story for fans to send in questions about anything they wanted to talk about. One fan wanted to know when The Challenge: All Stars competitor might return to television.

They also asked if Jisela might be coming back for The Challenge: All Stars Season 4, which has yet to be announced. Based on Jisela’s reply, she seems like she wants to compete again.

“As soon as I can I will!” she said in her response, adding, “Lots of moving parts to make that happen. But I love the thrill of adventure and the daily challenges so hopefully we will get to it asap!”

jisela delgado answers fan on instagram
Pic credit: @withlovejisela/Instagram Story

Jisela reached All Stars final in return to The Challenge

Jisela had a lot going on during her return to The Challenge for All Stars. The previous appearance for the former Road Rules: The Quest star was The Gauntlet 2, which aired from December 2005 into March 2006.

That made for a 15-year hiatus before she returned for the spinoff series, and she was among the entertaining OGs who helped viewers enjoy the first season.

Jisela had an early feud with castmate Kendall Darnell and a showmance with Alton Williams. She also had a major blowup with her close friend Aneesa Ferreira just ahead of the All Stars final. Following the show, Jisela said they were no longer on friendly terms.

While Jisela and her partner Eric “Big Easy” Banks were able to win the last elimination of the spinoff season, it also came with a major injury for Jisela. Despite hurting her leg badly, she crawled over to help her partner as he completed the elimination event.

At the All Stars final, she and Derrick Kosinski teamed up for the first part, which involved solving a puzzle and guiding a kayak in a large body of water to the next checkpoint. Unfortunately, she and Derrick had issues steering the kayak properly, resulting in them placing last at the first checkpoint.

TJ and their castmates bid them farewell, with viewers applauding Jisela’s effort in her return season. As mentioned, she underwent surgery for her leg injury and participated in rehab, so it’s unknown if she’s made a full recovery.

While she wasn’t involved with All Stars 2, Jisela appeared as part of a Challenge Mania event last October with Spies, Lies & Allies cast members Fessy Shafaat, Michaela Bradshaw, and Corey Lay.

Based on her Q&A reply, she seems anxious to get back into the All Stars competition. That said, there are no current reports that an All Stars 4 season will happen, but fans are certainly hoping the spinoff keeps going and bringing back the OGs.

The Challenge: All Stars 3 premieres on May 11 on Paramount Plus.

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