Jinger Duggar posts ‘giveaway,’ Counting On fans call her out

Jinger Duggar posing for the camera.
Jinger Duggar is being called out for a giveaway she posted. Pic credit: @jingervuolo/Instagram

Jinger Duggar announced she is partnering with a company to give two of her followers $4,000 cash. This is different from things the Counting On star has done in the past, which has drawn some skeptics.

This isn’t the first time Jinger has come under fire, but it is one that has given some followers pause. Some of the accounts she was asking them to follow were questionable at best. One commenter called her out on it.

Is Jinger Duggar selling out?

There has been some talk about Jinger Duggar and how much she has changed since moving to California. Her life has become more mainstream, and becoming famous appears to be a priority on her mind.

Back in December, Jinger announced a partnership with a donut company. It was squashed after several complaints about the brand using a Duggar as their spokesperson. After that, she took some time away from the public, even canceling an event that was scheduled ahead of the dissolution of the partnership.

Several of the accounts to follow boast things that aren’t Christain-like. Jinger Duggar was called out for it on the post. One commenter said, “I thought @jeremy_vuolo was a preacher! He would never approve of you doing this! If God encourages you to give money away, you do it in private and are not boastful about it!”

Negative comments on Jinger Duggar's post.
Jinger Duggar rubbed fans the wrong way on Instagram. Pic credit: @jingervuolo/Instagram

Will Jinger Duggar remove the video?

Accompanying the post with the directions on how to enter is a video. Jinger Duggar talks about what the giveaway is and what the money can be used for while holding Felicity. She mentioned that the entrants could use the cash any way they choose and that the winners would be announced in six days.

Jinger Duggar's comments on Instagram.
Jinger Duggar has angered fans on Instagram. Pic credit: @jingervuolo/Instagram

When controversy hits home for Jinger, she tends to ignore it. Last time a post of hers got negative attention, she took it off Instagram. It was the “would you rather” two-part videos that were taken down. Several of the comments talked about how Jeremy Vuolo talked to her, sparking Jinger to just delete both parts.

Fans have voiced their displeasure for what she has them following in order to qualify for the giveaway in this latest post. It’s pretty clear that Jinger Duggar’s Instagram followers aren’t happy about it.

Counting On is currently on hiatus, but it is expected to return to TLC later this year.

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2 years ago

Oh my lord it’s her life not yours if you don’t want to follow then you don’t have to get a life and get over it let her live her life the way she wants