Jinger Duggar is stylish in ripped black jeans as she strikes a pose

Jinger Duggar selfie.
Jinger Duggar upped her fashion game. Pic credit: @jingervuolo/Instagram

Jinger Duggar is unlocking all of the fashion trends lately.

She has stepped out of her comfort zone in a major way, and this time, it’s with her knees ripped out of a pair of black jeans.

California has changed Jinger, and she is clearly living a freer life.

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Jeremy Vuolo captured a cool reel of Jinger, teasing that she thought he was just snapping a photo.

He wrote, “so, she thought i was taking a picture.”

The California girl strutted her stuff and made sure she was silly as Jeremy “snapped” the photo.

Jinger Duggar wears holey jeans

Wearing jeans was a huge step for Jinger Duggar. She was the first Duggar daughter to move away from skirts and dresses, which caused quite a stir.

There was plenty of talk about how upset Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar were when Jinger changed her wardrobe. While Michelle denied it on camera, Jeremy Vuolo confirmed there were talks about Jinger’s modesty.

In Jeremy’s clip, Jinger wore black jeans with the knees completely ripped out. They appeared to be skinny jeans, which are more form-fitting than some other cuts. The reality TV star paired them with a white t-shirt and a long black open jacket, possibly made of leather.

Jinger had on shades and her signature Nikes, as she and Jeremy have a huge collection of shoes from the brand.

Jinger Duggar’s fashion journey

Until Jinger Duggar met and married Jeremy Vuolo, she followed the family’s rules for dress code.

She did some experimenting with eye makeup, including very heavy eyeliner. The clothing, though, was always as it should be.

After marrying Jeremy, Jinger moved to Texas. That’s when things began to change, and she started to express herself more by using her wardrobe. The Counting On star debuted her first pants look, and from there, snowballed into wearing several more things that would be considered banned in the Duggar home.

Now, Jinger has donned shorts that were frayed, spaghetti-stepped dresses, and more. Jeremy hasn’t stifled his wife’s expression, and she continues to keep things modest in real-world terms. The couple appears to have massive respect for one another and their freedom to choose what they wear, and it hasn’t changed anything as far as their beliefs go.

Jinger Duggar has dramatically changed since moving to the West Coast and getting her voice back. Her wardrobe is a form of self-expression, and she seems to have fun choosing what to wear and show off as she spends time with her husband and their children.

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