Jinger Duggar was confronted by parents over wardrobe choices, Jeremy Vuolo confirms

Jeremy Vuolo confirms Jinger Duggar’s parents don’t love her style. Pic credit: TLC

Jinger Duggar has the most diverse sense of style, and it isn’t always dresses and skirts.

The former Counting On star went from following Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar’s dress code to stepping out in pants and shorts after marrying Jeremy Vuolo.

There was plenty of speculation that Michelle and Jim Bob were upset with Jinger for her choices in clothing. There was an episode of Counting On where Michelle and Jinger talked about it. The mother tried to sell that she was okay with Jinger’s choices, but some viewers weren’t so sure.

Jeremy Vuolo’s deposition reveals strained relationship with Jinger Duggar’s parents

The Sun obtained the deposition that Jeremy Vuolo made for the Duggar sisters’ lawsuit that was dismissed earlier this year.

Interestingly enough, Jeremy was asked about his relationship with Jinger Duggar’s parents, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar.

He revealed that there was some distance in the relationship but watched what he said carefully. Jeremy responded, “I think as you grow and have your own family, kids, and life – you know, you go from, like, seeing everyone every day to talking to everyone every day to, you know.”

Although, that may not surprise followers who have watched as relationships shifted since their move to California. Several Duggar siblings have visited the couple, with Michelle only going out there a few times.

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar confronted Jinger Duggar about ‘modesty’

Despite Counting On’s attempt and the conversation between Jinger Duggar and Michelle Duggar on the show, followers speculated there was more to the story.

Jeremy Vuolo confirmed that he and Jinger had talks with Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar after he was asked whether they had discussions about different convictions.

When probed further about the types of convictions, Jeremy said, “They’ve spoken to us about – what was it – I guess modesty is one. We’ve had a couple of conversations.”

They further asked the former Counting On star whether it was about pants. He replied, “In a way, yes. I mean, not that exact word. They just shared their – their thoughts on women wearing dresses, I guess. I remember Mrs. Duggar just sharing her own personal journey of modesty.”

Jinger Duggar’s husband confirmed that he disagrees that she dresses immodestly.

The rifts in the Duggar family are coming to light as the depositions released have revealed the Duggar sisters’ salaries, their issues with their parents, and more.

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1 year ago

If she is of age, they have no right to tell her what to wear. She can go naked if she chooses (which I hope she doesn’t). Her parents need to mind their own business.

Sandi Strubberg
Sandi Strubberg
1 year ago

Ginger is a married woman she does not have to have her parents permission to wear what she wants.. Go girl where would you want.

Cathy Lewis
Cathy Lewis
1 year ago

They are grown adults….you have NO hold on your daughter anymore, I hate it for you Jim Bob & Michele—you are no longer in charge…leave her be, she can now make her own decisions about what SHE wants to wear…she’s an adult now, so but out