Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar continue to travel the country, miss Josh Duggar’s court appearance

Jim Bob and Michelle in a Counting On confessional.
Jim Bob and Michelle are traveling with the younger Duggar siblings. Pic credit: TLC

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar have traveled with the younger six Duggar kids over the last few weeks.

They showed off their time in South Dakota on social media, and a few days later, more photos from “out west” were shared.

Details about their trip weren’t made clear. Their caption talked about taking field trips that coincide with what they are learning, but aside from that, everything else is unknown.

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Anna Duggar attends Josh Duggar’s hearing, Jim Bob and Michelle don’t

While they are busy traveling the country, Josh Duggar had a court appearance earlier this week. Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar were not present for the hearing, but his wife, Anna Duggar, was there by his side.

The couple was spotted leaving the courthouse with smirks on their faces. Anna is still pregnant, and when she gives birth, she and Josh will have seven little ones.

Interestingly, some of Josh and Anna’s children weren’t on the road with Jim Bob and Michelle. There has been speculation that she was upset with them, but they were spending time with them and their cousins during a family fun day not too long ago.

When will Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar head home?

It is unclear when the Duggars will head back to Arkansas, but it is likely ahead of the actual trial beginning.

Jim Bob Duggar has been involved in this whole process with Josh Duggar. He arranged for the Rebers to become his third-party guardians and made sure he could bond out and have a life outside of the correctional facility ahead of this trial.

November 30 is when the trial begins, and Jim Bob will likely be there to support his son. Until then, Josh and Anna Duggar are spending time together ahead of the birth of their seventh child.

Right now, though, Jim Bob and Michele Duggar are traveling the western party of the country. There is some speculation they may be headed to California to see Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo. They haven’t all been together as a family for a while, and even though Michelle and Jordyn were there when Evangeline was born, it has been several months since they’ve seen each other.

Earlier today, Jim Bob and Michelle updated their social media accounts to share they are visiting Yellowstone and have stopped to see some other spots along the way.

At this point, Jim Bob and Michelle are having fun with the younger children while the older siblings are off living their lives.

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