Jill Duggar wears shorts during outing with Derick Dillard and kids

Jill Duggar during a Counting On confessional.
Jill Duggar is broadening her wardrobe. Pic credit: TLC

Jill Duggar and her fashion have been a topic of conversation among Duggar fans and critics for months. When a recent photo of the former Counting On star wearing shorts appeared in her Instagram story, it was barely shocking.

From her nose being pierced to her chopping several inches of her hair off, Jill has moved up in the rebel Duggar rankings. While Jinger Duggar beat her big sister when it comes to wearing pants, she is still below the ranks on less modesty.

A Duggar woman wears above the knee shorts

While spending time with Derick Dillard and her two young sons in a creek, Jill Duggar revealed she was wearing shorts – it was from her Instagram story yesterday. Earlier today, she also spent time at the creek, though her husband wasn’t along this time.

Her fashion sense has been bolder in recent months. Jill has gotten close to Amy Duggar King and even helped model some of the clothing from the boutique her cousin owns. From jeans to dresses, the former reality star has put it all on.

As the distance between Jill Duggar and her ultra-conservative family grows, so does her sense of self. She has made a lot of changes over the last several months and not just to her wardrobe. Now, Jill can wear what she is comfortable in and what is still deemed modest in the eyes of her husband.

Jill Duggar wearing shorts.
Jill Duggar is wearing shorts publicly. Pic credit: @jillmdillard/Instagram

What’s next for Jill Duggar?

With a new season of Counting On coming up, there is some wonder about what Jill Duggar will be doing. She is no longer a part of the show, though she may be appearing some this season, especially when Jinger Duggar visited back at the end of February.

This fall, Israel Dillard will go to kindergarten where Derick Dillard went to school. He will be the first Duggar grandchild to attend public school – Jill announced the news earlier this spring. Once he is off to school, she will just have Samuel to keep tabs on.

Derick Dillard is currently in law school. He has threatened to write a tell-all Duggar book, which could cause plenty of problems. Jim Bob Duggar has reportedly already talked to lawyers and Jill Duggar allegedly wants to remain neutral.

For updates, Jill has been keeping a blog and using social media. She isn’t going to return to the show, so, for now, her updates will come as she posts them.

Counting On returns Tuesday, June 30 at 9/8c on TLC.

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2 years ago

Unless she decides to go running around in her birthday suit she will still be more modest than most people. She is a good person and mother so leave her alone. I’m sure if she wore a bathing suit she would still be more modest than most … ❤️??

2 years ago

Those shorts are modest….not like some girls with their rear end hanging out. As for Derick writing a book…..he needs to back off, He’s a pain in the neck. A lot with him is sour grapes.