Jill Duggar snubs Michelle Duggar on Mother’s Day, fuels strained relationship rumors

Jill Duggar on Counting On.
Jill Duggar snubbed her mom on Mother’s Day. Pic credit: TLC

Jill Duggar has reignited rumors that she is feuding with her parents after snubbing her mom on Mother’s Day.

Several of the Duggar siblings posted public tributes to their mom Michelle Duggar on the special day, but Jill didn’t post at all about her mom. This has raised questions about whether her relationship with her mom and dad is really as intact as they claim, especially with all of the tell-all book drama.

Michelle Duggar snubbed by Jill Duggar on Mother’s Day

Over the weekend, some of the Duggar children posted tributes praising their mom. Jessa, Jana, and Jedidiah all made Instagram posts about how wonderful Michelle Duggar is and how she is inspiring their lives.

After the last several months of speculation about a contentious relationship between Jill Duggar and her mom, it was surprising to see that she had nothing to say about Michelle on Mother’s Day. She made sure to include a photo of her mom showing up for Israel’s fifth birthday amid social distancing, but nothing for the most recent holiday.

Even though Jill wasn’t the only sibling to forgo the tribute on Mother’s Day, she is the one that Counting On fans expected to have done it. She has drawn a line, but reportedly still wants to remain neutral when it comes to her parents and her husband.

Is Jill the rebellious one?

There has been a lot of comments about Jinger Duggar and her “rebellious” streak, but is Jill Duggar the bigger threat?

Derick Dillard has made plenty of changes to the life Jill once knew. She is sporting a nose ring, has worn pants, and is allowed to be more choosy where her wardrobe is concerned. The couple has done different things than Jill’s parents would have done, including enrolling their oldest son in kindergarten in the fall.

Last year, Jill Duggar didn’t attend any of the traditional holidays with her family. She spent Thanksgiving with friends and Christmas was spent elsewhere as well. This raised plenty of flags, especially with all of the dirt that was being dropped by Derick Dillard.

What will happen between Jill and her family remains to be seen. Her husband’s threat of a tell-all reportedly has her father consulting with lawyers already. Even though she wants to remain neutral, standing by her husband’s side is what she was taught.

Counting On is currently on hiatus, but it is expected to return to TLC later this year.

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