Jessa Duggar criticized for the way she talked to daughter Ivy in video

Jessa Duggar Seewald under fire by fans for the way she spoke to her daughter.
A family video has turned into fans coming at Jessa. Pic credit: TLC

Fans are criticizing Jessa Duggar Seewald for how she spoke to her young daughter, Ivy, in a recent social media video.

The video was intended to keep fans, and Jessa’s family updated on quarantine life for the Seewald family.

However, trolls wasted no time turning a happy moment into one that is once again putting the reality TV star under fire.

What was in the social media video?

Jessa has been in quarantine with husband Ben, as well as their three children, Spurgeon, Henry, and little Ivy, amid the coronavirus pandemic. The Counting On star has been using social media to showcase how the family is keeping busy in isolation.

Earlier this week, the proud mama shared footage of Ivy’s latest milestone as they prepared to celebrate her 1st birthday next week. Ivy is beginning to walk, and Jessa captured some of her steps in an adorable video.

“She’s been taking some steps for a little over a week, And now she’s really starting to take off!” Jessa captioned the footage.

Ivy makes her way over to Jessa, who proudly scoops up the little one in her arms.

Then Jessa tells her daughter, “Yes, you made it. You’re a big girl, yes, you are. You’re going to show grandma and grandpa how you walk.”

Why are fans criticizing Jessa?

The Duggar family, especially the women, are often blasted on social media for their parenting choices. Every little thing the family does is judged and scrutinized.

Unfortunately for Jessa, the cute video of her daughter walking is the latest thing to get some fans in an uproar. A majority of the comments were fans saying how adorable Ivy is and expressing excitement over watching her take her first steps.

There were also quite a few users that took issue with the baby talk Jessa used to speak to Ivy in the video. Several users shared their dislike of parents using baby talk to talk to kids, regales of the child’s age.

Jessa’s supporters took on most the haters, reminding them that they didn’t have to watch her content. Fans also stressed there was no need to continue to bash Jessa for something so ridiculous.

It is merely another reason for the trolls to slam the Duggar family.

Not everyone loved the way Jessa Duggar spoke to her daughter.

However, most fans enjoy anything Ivy related and are excited to see what Jessa and Ben Seewald do to celebrate their youngest child turning 1-year-old.

Counting On is currently on hiatus on TLC.

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2 years ago

Don’t you people have anything else to gripe about. Pick on your own family and mind your own business. Jess she’s beautiful little toddler and you have a beautiful family.