Jersey Shore’s Chris Larangeira returns to social media, seemingly shades Angelina Pivarnick

Chris Larangeira on Jersey Shore Family Vacation.
Chris Larangeira returns to social media with an apparent dig at Angelina Pivarnick. Pic credit: MTV

It’s been a few weeks since Jersey Shore Family Vacation star Chris Larangeira has been on social media.

After allegations surfaced that he had an alleged affair with a transgender model, he removed all of his accounts and essentially went missing.

He also failed to acknowledge the claims against him.

While he still hasn’t made a return to Instagram, he did make his debut on TikTok.

He’s shared a few videos now and has even nonchalantly mentioned his divorce.

Jersey Shore’s Chris Larangeira returns to social media, seemingly shades Angelina Pivarnick

Chris has officially returned to social media and is now getting acquainted with TikTok.

He’s made a few videos so far but admitted that he’s still learning how to use the app.

In his bio on the app, he let fans know that “This is my only social media for now until I get my IG and FB back.”

He did not make it immediately clear why he removed both his Instagram and Facebook accounts or why he hasn’t reactivated them.

While most of his videos appeared to be just innocent fun, Chris didn’t miss an opportunity to seemingly throw a dig Angelina Pivarnick’s way.

In one video where he filmed a duet with another TikTok user, he was lip-synching to a voice-over.

The voice-over said, “If your name happens to end with a…” before switching over to a higher-pitched voice making the “a” sound.

The voice-over continued, “You’re toxic.”

Several people chimed into the comment section and acknowledged that he was likely throwing shade Angelina’s way.

Followers respond to Chris Larangeira's TikTok.
Pic credit: @chrislarangeira/TikTok

Will Jersey Shore’s Chris Larangeira address the affair rumors?

Chris has yet to publicly acknowledge the rumors that he had an affair with a transgender model.

The model, Jazlyn Rose, claimed that the two had been intimate as recently as March of this year, right around when Chris deactivated his social media.

He did not confirm or deny the rumors and it’s unclear at this time if he plans to address them.

That could be due to Angelina asking a judge to prevent Chris from speaking publicly about their marriage.

She also wanted to keep Chris from “disparaging her and from releasing details of their marriage to third parties and or through social media, the press, any members associated with the Jersey Shore including but not limited to speaking to the cast members and or producers of Jersey Shore in violation of the party’s executed agreements.” 

As of yet, there have been no updates regarding their divorce proceedings.

Jersey Shore Family Vacation is currently on hiatus.

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