Jersey Shore’s Angelina Pivarnick reveals she wants to get a facelift as her birthday arrives

angelina pivarnick face shot from um hello podcast
During her podcast, Angelina Pivarnick spoke about her appearance and critics. Pic credit: @therealangelinapivarnick/YouTube

Angelina Pivarnick celebrated another year on the planet but confessed she wanted to get a facelift to appease others.

The Jersey Shore star officially turned 38 this week following drama with castmates in MTV’s Family Vacation Season 7 and recent legal issues related to an alleged incident at her New Jersey home.

Angelina’s podcast has become a sounding board for her to share her stories and truths. Last week, she discussed her appearance, sharing details about all the cosmetic work she had done since she was younger.

Her lengthy list included initial procedures and “upkeep” work, with multiple Botox injections and breast augmentation surgery.

Throughout her reality TV career, she’s often faced the wrath of fans in social media comments criticizing her updated looks and changed appearance.

However, based on her remarks on a new podcast episode, she’s considered getting more work done.

Angelina says she wants a ‘facelift’ due to critics

In her June 27 episode of the Um Hello? Podcast, Angelina’s co-host, Michael David Magaraci, mentioned it was her birthday.

“I don’t feel old,” she said after her co-host asked how she felt.

“You look amazing,” he told the Jersey Shore star.

However, Angelina questioned his remark and then confessed to potentially wanting to get more work done.

“Are you sure? Do I need a facelift?” Angelina asked, adding that she was joking.

Her co-host revealed she had talked to him about getting a facelift before they started recording the latest podcast.

Angelina admitted she felt that way “because of some haters.”

“Honestly, you guys are really f***ed up some of you. Like, saying that I’m ugly. I have to read that on a constant basis, and it really puts me down and makes me feel really bad,” she admitted.

Angelina told her critics she’d never talk to them that way, adding that “even before social media,” she wouldn’t say things like that in person to a celebrity.

“I wouldn’t go up to them and say, ‘You’re ugly and fat and your face looks like s***.'” I would never do that,” she said on her podcast.

Angelina called it “sad” and “hurtful” that people would comment that way about her. She also mentioned that she considers some of her “haters” to be fans.

Her co-host mentioned that Angelina signed up for reality TV, which made her a public figure. However, they both appealed to critics to act kinder with their remarks.

Angelina spoke about her ‘insecurity’ with her appearance on social media

Angelina’s co-host recalled how, on the previous podcast, she said she had various work done because it made her feel better inside.

However, the Jersey Shore star mentioned that fans and critics often comment that she doesn’t look the same in her various appearances.

“A lot of people say, ‘You don’t look the same way on TV that you do on Instagram,'” she shared, with her co-host saying she looks “better” in person.

“I do edit my photos because of my insecurity. It’s been a lot,” Angelina shared.

She admitted that sometimes she edits her photos “excessively” but also said it’s her choice.

“If I want to do that, then that’s my preference. I live in America, and I think I should be able to do what I want,” she told her co-host.

In addition to remarks about her appearance, she added that it wasn’t nice that some critics kept demanding she “quit or get fired” from MTV’s Jersey Shore, indicating she wasn’t leaving the show.

Angelina said she’s shared a lot about her life with others and felt “shunned” and “heartbroken” by the critical remarks she’s received.

“The majority of you are amazing and awesome, but some of you are just, I don’t know,” Angelina said.

Jersey Shore: Family Vacation Season 8 is TBA for MTV.

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