Jersey Shore star Angelina Pivarnick addresses her drinking and Family Vacation drama in new podcast

angelina pivarnick face shot from jersey shore family vacation season 7
Angelina Pivarnick appears during a Jersey Shore: Family Vacation confessional interview. Pic credit: MTV

Angelina Pivarnick commented about her drinking situation and the drama she’s watching back from MTV’s Jersey Shore: Family Vacation.

Her latest comments arrived days after she made headlines for an alleged incident at her home, which resulted in multiple charges for Angelina.

Earlier this week, fans also noticed she made a significant social media update, and they started speculating about Angelina’s situation with her fiance, Vinny Tortorella.

While she previously released a podcast episode featuring Vinny to discuss their relationship, her latest episode featured her co-host and friend, Michael David, whom she said she asked to be her co-host “weeks ago.”

During Angelina and Michael’s discussion, they mentioned Angelina’s drinking situation.

The Jersey Shore star also briefly commented about seeing some of what happened in Season 7 of Family Vacation.

Angelina updated fans about her situation with drinking

When Angelina was preparing to launch her new podcast, she told fans she would no longer be drinking. However, some fans noticed she was drinking in some of the earliest episodes released on YouTube.

During Episode 8 of the podcast, Michael shared he was initially going to be a “behind-the-scenes” part of Angelina’s podcast but was excited to join her as a “co-host” for the conversations.

Early on, Angelina and Michael discussed that they had some new merchandise fans could buy and showed off Um Hello t-shirts. Angelina then held up a glass with the Um Hello logo on it.

“This is Coca-Cola,” she made it a point to say, adding, “I’m not drinking anything.”

Her co-host confirmed it, indicating that they started to record the podcast in February, and Angelina announced in “early April” that she was going to “cut back.”

As previously reported, Angelina’s attorney shared in a statement that his client’s alleged incident last weekend involved an “adverse reaction to over-the-counter prescribed medication.”

However, additional details about the medication or the alleged incident at her New Jersey home for which she’s facing charges are under wraps due to confidentiality.

Angelina said she’s ‘trying not to watch’ Family Vacation episodes due to the ‘toxicity’

During the Um Hello? Podcast episode, Angelina and her co-host didn’t bring up her alleged incident or any drama at her home with her fiance or others, as they suggested they recorded weeks before the incident.

However, Angelina shared that reliving the drama from her recent Family Vacation spinoff season was something she didn’t want to do much.

“I’m trying not to watch the episodes because I just want to take myself out of that toxicity,” she revealed.

“I did watch the last one, and I have to tell you, I was very shocked,” she said.

Her co-host asked her which one had just aired as they were recording this podcast episode, and Angelina told him it was “when Ron came back” to see his castmates.

“It was a lot of flip-flopping. I was like, what the f***?” Angelina said regarding the episode she reviewed.

“It’s just a lot of craziness that happens on this show, and I have to be real,” she said, adding, “I’m gonna be honest and truthful.”

“Like I said last time. People are not gonna like it, but I’m gonna say the truth,” Angelina said on her podcast.

They didn’t talk much about the recent season’s episodes or drama, including Angelina meeting her biological father, feuding with Sammi “Sweetheart” Giancola, or potentially having relationship issues with her fiance.

Instead, the recent podcast episode recalled Angelina’s past when she returned to MTV’s Jersey Shore as a cast member.

However, a clip from her podcast teased that she would reveal if she felt like “part of the family” now with her castmates.

In addition, Angelina seemingly indicated that none of her Jersey Shore castmates congratulated her upon the launch of her new podcast, suggesting they aren’t getting along away from the show’s filming.

Jersey Shore: Family Vacation is currently on hiatus for MTV.

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