Jersey Shore fans call out Angelina Pivarnick’s big social media update after home incident

jersey shore star angelina pivarnick at family vacation season 7 reunion on mtv
Angelina Pivarnick updated her social media after her alleged incident. Pic credit: MTV

Following an alleged incident involving Angelina Pivarnick in her New Jersey home, the Jersey Shore star made a significant update.

Monsters and Critics reported about Angelina’s criminal charges she’s facing, including assault and resisting arrest.

Several reports suggested that Angelina’s fiance, Vinny Tortorella, wasn’t mentioned as involved, although several indicated he was home when it happened.

During Jersey Shore: Family Vacation, Angelina mentioned she and Vinny might be having issues since he wasn’t staying at her home much after taking on more work hours.

However, he was by her side in Season 7’s later episodes as they vacationed with Angelina’s castmates.

Fans recently speculated that Angelina and Vinny may be experiencing some issues after Angelina’s social media update.

Angelina made a significant update on social media after her alleged incident at home

At a Reddit subforum dedicated to Jersey Shore, an individual created a post asking if Angelina and Vinny, dubbed “Vinny 2.0,” were “done.” In the individual’s post, they pointed out that Angelina “took down all the pictures she had up of her and [her fiance].”

The original post claimed that Angelina was “no longer following” her fiance but that he still had her photos of them up on his page and “still follows her.”

“I hope they separate and each seek counseling for themselves. Maybe MTV will finally realize they need to let Angelina go for her own mental health,” the original Reddit post said.

screenshot from reddit jersey shore subforum about angelina removing social media content
A Jersey Shore Reddit subforum screenshot points out Angelina Pivarnick’s social media update. Pic credit: @Yescj226/

Jersey Shore fans reacted to Angelina’s IG update

Commenters shared their thoughts on the Reddit post about Angelina, her fiance, and their situation.

One commenter mentioned that Angelina’s Jersey Shore castmate, Ronnie Ortiz-Magro, took a break from the Family Vacation to address his mental health. He’s since returned to join his castmates in several episodes of Season 7.

“I know it’s been mentioned before but why hasn’t Angelina gone on a break like Ron did? It’s not just with this show. Other reality shows need to do it too when they see a cast member struggling or have said they’re struggling,” a commenter wrote.

However, a commenter replied, “Angelina doesn’t think she’s struggling.”

Reddit screenshot of comments about angelina and her fiance from jersey shore
More fans weigh in. Pic credit: @Yescj226/

Another commenter pointed out interesting details about Angelina and her fiance “still following” each other.

“She’s deleted her pics of him. 2.0 hasn’t made any digital moves,” the commenter said, adding they would give it “through the weekend for more details.”

The commenter also mentioned that Angelina “doesn’t appear to be following” her castmates Vinny Guadagnino, Mike “The Situation,” or his wife, Lauren Sorrentino.

reddit screenshot of comment about angelina on social media after incident
Jersey Shore fans have theories. Pic credit: @Yescj226/

The commenter speculated that “between the reunion, filming and relationship drama, all of this got to” Angelina.

Angelina has other IG updates following reports about her alleged incident

As of this writing, the Jersey Shore star hasn’t commented on the alleged incident at her New Jersey home or the charges she’s facing. However, her attorney released a statement through TMZ that indicated she’d had an “adverse reaction” to “prescribed over-the-counter medication” when the incident occurred.

As previously reported, details about Angelina’s incident remain scarce. TMZ indicated that police shut down their attempts to obtain information due to confidentiality. However, Angelina reportedly heads to court in July to face her charges.

Earlier today, Angelina’s Instagram Story included an upload showing her and a friend with Gucci sunglasses.

“All new # Gucci,” her friend’s post said, and it included a tag with Angelina’s Instagram handle.

screenshot of angelina instagram story post from her friend about gucci
Angelina and a friend sport new Gucci sunglasses in an IG Story update. Pic credit: @angelinamtv/Instagram

Another Instagram update arrived on Angelina’s page two days ago regarding an upcoming Showgirl of the Year 24. The poster shows Angelina as a “celebrity guest judge” for the June 15 event.

“Im sooo excited to judge the regional competition on June 15 with $10,000 in cash and prizes being awarded and im officially inviting all you sexy fans to come out to meet me and hang out 🙏❤️💋😊,” her caption says.”

The MTV star has previously faced critical remarks from online commenters regarding her mental health and drinking, as well as some claiming she’s been using “drugs.”

The Jersey Shore star fired back on an Instagram Live video she appeared in before the alleged incident. Angelina shot back at some of her critics, indicating she wouldn’t reveal her “mental health diagnoses” because it was for her “therapist to know.”

“I’m not bi-polar. I’m not on drugs,” she said, adding that the “narrative” some commenters continually present about her is “getting old.”

Jersey Shore: Family Vacation is currently on hiatus on MTV.

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