Jersey Shore: Saffire Matos calls Jenn Harley a ‘low class loser’ tells her to ‘stop with the jealousy’

Saffire Matos takes aim at Jen Harley
Saffire Matos accuses Jenn Harley of creating a fake profile to bash her. Pic credit: @saffabear/@jennharley/Instagram

Things have been contentious between Jersey Shore Family Vacation star Ronnie Ortiz-Magro and his baby mama Jenn Harley for quite some time and his fiancée Saffire Matos has not been shy about her feelings toward her man’s ex.

Even while Ronnie and Jenn were in a relationship, they often got into some crazy altercations, some of which ended in police involvement and alleged physical violence.

Both Ronnie and Saffire, and Jenn and her boyfriend Joe Ambrosole have been known to go back and forth on social media throwing jabs at each other.

Most recently, Saffire is accusing Jenn of creating a fake profile to slam her on social media.

Saffire wasted no time calling out the alleged fake commenter and had some choice words for the person she assumed was Jenn.

Saffire Matos takes aim at Jenn Harley

When @monsterscriticsreality shared photos of Ronnie and Saffire and noted how happy and healthy Ronnie appeared, several followers took to the comment section to share their thoughts and opinions.

One follower in particular, under the username @alicia.jameson1995, referred to Saffire as a “gold digger” and accused her of constantly bragging about money. They also noted that Saffire “comes from her Mother’s basement and only had a lash tech salary.”

Critic refers to Saffire as a "gold digger."
Critic refers to Saffire as a “gold digger.” Pic credit: @alicia.jameson1995/Instagram

Saffire wasted no time responding to the critic and assumed that it was actually Jenn hiding behind a fake profile.

Saffire wrote, “Jen again [laughing emoji]”

She then went on about Jenn living off of Ronnie’s income and attacked her for not having a bachelor’s degree.

She said, “Stop writing about me you low class loser who sleeps around with the world.”

Saffire asked her to “stop with the jealousy” and accused her of being “bothered” that she had the man she wanted.

Saffire takes aim at commenter she thinks is Jen Harley
Saffire takes aim at a commenter she thought was Jen Harley Pic credit: @_saffabear_/Instagram

Saffire’s post has since been deleted and replaced with a lot less aggressive response. Jenn has neither confirmed nor denied that she created the profile.

Jenn Harley checks into rehab following her recent arrest

Jen was recently arrested after an alleged altercation with her boyfriend Joe, however, the two of them appear to be going strong as she seeks the help that she needs.

She reportedly sought treatment for her alcohol use at a rehab facility in Las Vegas.

While she has made the commitment to try and improve herself, it doesn’t seem like she’s been able to avoid the drama.

Based on Saffire’s recent post, it appears that the tension between the two couples is far from over.

Jersey Shore Family Vacation airs Thursdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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