Jersey Shore: Ronnie Ortiz- Magro’s ex Jenn Harley says she’s ‘so down’ to fight Sammi ‘Sweetheart’ Giancola

Jenn Harley on Jersey Shore.
Jenn Harley is “so down” to fight Sammi Giancola. Pic Credit: MTV

Jenn Harley, ex-girlfriend and baby momma to Jersey Shore Family Vacation’s Ronnie Ortiz-Magro, has recently taken on a new hobby.

She recently shared a post on social media that showed her training for a boxing match.

She posed in workout gear and white boxing gloves in the post, donning a fierce expression.

She captioned the photo, “Who’s stepping up???!! TAG who you think I should go toe to toe with in the ring!!! Im down to fight anyone !!! LFG! ? contact [celebrity boxing] for more details.”

Her followers recommended several people from the reality TV world, including those from the Jersey Shore Family Vacation cast. One recommendation, in particular, caught Jenn’s eye.

A fan suggested that Jenn fight Ronnie’s ex-girlfriend and Jersey Shore costar Sammi “Sweetheart” Giancola, and Jenn was “so down.”

Jenn Harley is ‘so down’ to fight Sammi ‘Sweetheart’ Giancola

Jenn said she was “down fight anyone,” and it looks like she meant it.

Jenn had a surprising response when a commenter suggested that she fight Sammi.

She wrote, “I’m soooooo down [wink face emoji]”

Jenn says she’s “soooooo down” to fight Sammi. Pic credit: @jennharley/Instagram

While a few other followers loved the idea, a couple of people questioned Jenn’s intentions.

One critic asked, “why would you wanna fight your ex’s ex when it’s long over and done with, thats fan behavior,”

Another shared similar sentiments and was curious if Sammi had ever done anything to Jenn or if she was just saying she’d want to fight her for attention.

Jenn responded to the questions and explained that they had “no beef,” but she thought it “would be hilarious super down.”

Followers question Jenn’s intentions. Pic credit: @crybabywiah/@mrs.lokatos/@jennharley/Instagram

Jersey Shore fans think Jenn Harley should fight Saffire Matos

Not only did her followers think she should fight Sammi, but they also recommended she fight Ronnie’s fiancee Saffire Matos.

Followers suggest Saffire Matos. Pic credit: @xojanettexo/@labelllaaaa/@krista_sbtnk/Instagram

Saffire and Jenn have been known to go back and forth with each other in the past as they haven’t gotten along ever since Saffire came into Ronnie’s life.

Jenn, however, did not take the bait on any of the Saffire comments and chose not to respond.

In addition to fan recommendations, another MTV reality star, Kail Lowry from Teen Mom 2, jumped in and offered to fight Jenn.

Kail Lowry offers to fight. Pic credit: @kaillowry/Instagram

Jenn seemed excited at the offer, as did some of her other followers.

Jenn agrees to fight Kail. Pic credit: @jennharley/Instagram

It’s unclear at this time who Jenn will end up fighting, but Sammi will likely want nothing to do with the match-up as she’s chosen to stay out of the spotlight for several years now.

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