Jersey Shore: Angelina Pivarnick has proof she never cheated on Chris Larangeira

Jersey Shore Family Vacation's Angelina Pivarnick.
Angelina Pivarnick says she has proof she didn’t cheat. Pic credit: MTV

Jersey Shore Family Vacation star Angelina Pivarnick has been through a lot over the last few seasons of the show.

From arguments with her roommates to fighting to save her marriage, she’s constantly had her back against the wall.

Angelina is often defending herself and her actions on the show and she’s even pleaded her case on social media.

After Chris Larangeira filed for divorce at the beginning of this year, Angelina found herself on the defense yet again as cheating allegations surfaced.

Despite allegations that she cheated on Chris with one of her All Star Shore co-stars, Angelina claims she has proof that she was never unfaithful to her husband.

Jersey Shore’s Angelina Pivarnick has proof she never cheated on Chris Larangeira

Things didn’t look so great for Angelina on the premiere episode of the new season.

She was seen talking to her sister about a guy she had planned to spend time with in Mexico. Even though her sister didn’t think it was a great idea, Angelina went anyways.

She also shared photos with her co-star Mike Sorrentino, who then passed them around to the rest of their castmates.

After coming home from her trip, Angelina confirmed that Chris had moved out, but it wasn’t immediately clear if her fling in Mexico had anything to do with it.

In a recent interview with Us Weekly, Angelina opened up about the cheating allegations.

She said, “Every single season I’ve been honest and open and I’ve proven myself [but] everyone’s, like, ‘She’s lying.’ I’m just sick and tired of being here. People don’t wanna believe me from now on? That’s on them.”

When Mike accused Angelina of having “multiple side pieces” while married to Chris, Angelina denied the claims.

She said she had “CVS length” receipts to prove she was never unfaithful.

Angelina said, “I have timelines of when things [happened]. I don’t delete text messages. I don’t delete pictures.”

She added, “My husband and I split first. We split one time prior to the second time so we were separated. He was, and I was, hanging out, going out with my friends. I’m allowed. I was allowed legally. I’m just being honest. The timeframes are very off.”

Angelina Pivarnick accused of having an affair with All Star Shore co-star

While Angelina claims she has proof that she didn’t cheat on Chris, she did take a trip to Mexico with one of her co-stars from All Star Shore ahead of Chris’s decision to move out.

Angelina vacationed with Luis Caballero, formerly of Acapulco Shore. The two reportedly met while filming the new reality series and apparently hit it off.

Luis wasn’t the only one that Angelina was accused of seeing behind Chris’s back as she was also reportedly cheating on Chris with another man named Joe Tarallo.

Joe was the man who allegedly appeared on the ring doorbell footage that circulated last year showing him in an argument with Angelina.

While the evidence against her doesn’t make things look great, Angelina continues to plead her innocence.

Jersey Shore Family Vacation airs Thursdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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