Jeremy Vuolo’s new look causes a stir among Counting On fans

Jeremy Vuolo in a Counting On confessional.
Jeremy Vuolo with his signature clean-cut look. Pic credit: TLC

Jeremy Vuolo looks a lot older with his new quarantine style. From shaggy hair to a full untrimmed beard, Jinger Duggar’s husband matured while being at home with his family.

The couple debuted part two of their “would you rather” on Instagram earlier today. While the comments weren’t as harsh as they were last week, some Counting On fans noticed that Jeremy looks older than he ever has.

Has quarantine aged Jeremy Vuolo?

Since his debut into the Duggar’s world, Jeremy Vuolo has always had boyish looks with some facial hair. He is older than Jinger Duggar, but he hasn’t looked as mature as he does now.

With several weeks of coronavirus quarantine behind him, Jeremy’s appearance has changed quite a bit.

The Duggar daughter’s husbands usually choose a clean-shaven look. Facial hair isn’t a big thing for the family, but on occasion, Ben Seewald and Jeremy Vuolo have let it grow. There was a lot of hoopla over Jessa Duggar’s husband’s looks, and now, Jinger’s husband is getting the same treatment.

A Counting On fan commented on part two of the “would you rather” video noting that Jeremy has aged “20 years.” She also encouraged him to cut it all off and shave.

The longer, slicked-back hair isn’t doing the reality star any favors. Also, his full beard isn’t as appealing to some as it may be to Jinger.

Fan comment on Jeremy Vuolo's appearance.
A Counting On fan thinks Jeremy Vuolo has aged while in quarantine. Pic credit: @jingervuolo/Instagram

Are there issues between Jinger and Jeremy?

This is the second part of the video that Jinger Duggar promised fans would be dropped on Friday. For whatever reason, the couple decided that today was the day to release it.

Last time, Jeremy Vuolo was called out for acting in a controlling manner toward Jinger. He was questioning her choices and asking her why she chose one thing over the other. Several Counting On fans pointed that out, with many others joining in to agree in the comment section.

Despite the backlash, Jinger Duggar posted the second part earlier today. In this piece, it appears that Jeremy Vuolo is less intense with his wife. Was he just overly excited during the first part of the game, or did they couple edit the video to help the perception of Jinger’s husband?

Whatever the reason, this time the video comments appear to be focused on Jeremy’s appearance and less on his behavior toward his wife.

Counting On is currently on hiatus but it is expected to return to TLC later this year.

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2 years ago

Ignorant people who have nothing more to do than criticize others are sickening to me. They want to hurt feelings and feel cool about themselves for shaming people. Shame on all of you. Be nice!