Jeremy Vuolo says ‘the best things in life come with stains,’ is he throwing shade?

Jeremy and his girls at a soccer team.
Jeremy Vuolo is protective of Jinger Duggar. Pic credit: @jeremy_vuolo/Instagram

Jeremy Vuolo’s newest Instagram post is throwing a little shade. The Counting On star talked about missing the joy when caring too much about other things. After the blunder he and Jinger Duggar had with the giveaway post over the weekend, it is too fitting.

The couple has taken quite a beating since moving to California. Jinger has lost partnerships, and Jeremy has been called out for his lack of empathy towards followers who have shared their heartaches.

Was Jeremy Vuolo shading the followers who called out his wife for sharing a giveaway?

On Sunday night, Jinger Duggar rocked her Instagram followers when she shared a giveaway post. Her fans were to follow all of the accounts listed to enter, including some that were deemed risque.

With the backlash, Jinger decided to take down the post. She insisted that she and Jeremy Vuolo did not properly vet the partnership and that they are currently looking at other options to offer something similar in the future.

Monday, Jeremy shared a photo of himself holding Felicity while she ate an orange. His caption was filled with shade but done so that it was eloquently composed. He has a much better way with words than Jinger Duggar, who often makes situations worse by ignoring the questions or attempting to deflect responsibility in situations.

What is Jeremy Vuolo doing while in quarantine?

Staying at home has changed things for the Vuolos. Jinger and Felicity can no longer go on adventures, and Jeremy is working from home.

They have attempted to keep fans entertained with Instagram videos. Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo did a two-part “would you rather” series, but it was removed from the social media platform after followers voiced their concern for how he was treating her. Many called Vuolo “controlling” after experiencing him talking over her and questioning her responses.

It appears that Jeremy is protective of Jinger – as he should be. She has been one of the more popular sisters since marrying him and stepping out on her own.

Moving to California has changed their lives. Things are different and both Jinger and Jeremy have chronicled their journey on the west coast.

Right now, Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo aren’t filming because of the coronavirus pandemic. It is believed they were before production shutdown, but that has not been confirmed. To stay connected with fans, social media is the way to go.

Counting On is currently on hiatus, but it is expected to return to TLC later this year.

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