Jinger Duggar’s husband Jeremy Vuolo blasted for response to fan’s grandfather cancer share

Jeremy Vuolo is in hot water for insensitive response to a fan.
Social media is not happy with Jinger’s hubby Jeremy. Pic credit: @JingerVuolo/Instagram

Jinger Duggar’s husband, Jeremy Vuolo, is being blasted on social media for his response to one fan’s story about a grandfather battling cancer.

Jeremy used Instagram to update fans on life in quarantine for his family. The former soccer player then asked fans to share their stories with him. However, when one fan’s share got extremely personal, Jeremy’s response was not what people expected.

What did Jeremy say that has fans so upset?

The pastor shared a picture of himself, Jinger, and their daughter Felicity recreating the legendary Beatles Abbey Road shot. Jeremy said that he and Jinger are blessed to be spending more time together in the mornings because of quarantine.

He revealed they read the Bible, say prayers, and talk while eating breakfast. Jeremy let fans know their mornings have been a great reminder of how enjoyable those moments are with Jinger.

Per Jeremy’s request, fans began to populate the comments section revealing what quarantine has made them grateful for.

“After discovering my grandfather had Stage 4 pancreatic cancer and was refusing treatment, I had extra time to spend with him that I wouldn’t have had if not for the quarantine. I was able to help him, and his other family members care for him in his last few weeks, and for that, I’m extremely and forever grateful!” shared one user.

Jeremy replied to the emotional and personal story saying, “Wow. Thanks for sharing!”

Here’s what fans have to say about Jeremy’s response

It didn’t take long for fans to put their two cents in on the story and Jeremy’s reply. The comment was full of replies expressing remorse and sympathy for the heartfelt story.

However, most users took aim at Jeremy, calling his response cold and insensitive.

One fan said they expected more sympathy and compassion from someone who is studying to become a pastor. Another fan let Jeremy know his response did not seem appropriate, considering the nature of the story.

There was also a consensus that Jeremy didn’t know how to respond because the comment was not about him. Some fans felt there was no way Jeremy read the entire story based on his reply.

Not all users were hating on Jeremy; a few defended his answer and asked how Jeremy should have responded to the story.

Jeremy Vuolo and Jinger Duggar are no strangers to being under fire from fans- the couple is often criticized on social media for their actions.

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