Jennifer Aydin trolled following Danielle Cabral fight: ‘I thought Danielle knocked you into next week’

Jennifer Aydin selfie
Jennifer Aydin was trolled after her altercation with Danielle Cabral on RHONJ. Pic credit: @jenniferaydin/Instagram

The Real Housewives of New Jersey got confrontational during the most recent episode.

Teresa Giudice’s Tulum-themed party became a battleground when Danielle Cabral and Jennifer Aydin came face-to-face.

The once-friends are now far from that after the altercation that took place and ended with Danielle throwing a cup at Jennifer after she pushed the feisty blonde.

Viewers are divided about who caused the incident, and they made their opinions known all over social media.

Filming wrapped on Season 14, and no reunion will be held, so when the ladies take to social media, their comment sections are flooded with remarks about what happened on RHONJ.

And Jennifer gets that each time she posts.

Jennifer Aydin trolled on LTK share

The Real Housewives of New Jersey’s Jennifer Aydin has been uploading her new outfits and showing her ever-changing style on Instagram.

She has her own LTK; she shares a video of what she has on and links to the pieces for a commission-based incentive.

The reality TV star immediately received comments about her altercation with Danielle.

One commenter wrote, “Surprised them glasses look straight, thought Danielle took ya ear clean off!”

Another said, “I thought Danielle knocked you into next week? πŸ‘”

Someone else talked about offering Danielle a public apology.

Comments about Jennifer Aydin and Danielle Cabral's fight
Pic credit: @jenniferaydin/Instagram

What’s next on RHONJ?

After waiting several episodes for the altercation between Danielle Cabral and Jennifer Aydin to air, the next thing to look forward to is the finale filmed at Rails Steakhouse.

The Season 14 preview teased it, showing Dolores Catania sitting alone at the table in a room that looked like a war had been fought.

We now know that Danielle and Jennifer had another altercation at Rails, and more objects were involved. This time, it was allegedly over the latter’s remark about Danielle’s husband, Nate Cabral.

Although those two will be involved in what happens, much more is rumored to be going down. Margaret Josephs teased friendships are altered forever, and with how the season is going, we have to wonder who will remain on speaking terms.

With a new episode arriving soon, the focus will shift to Melissa Gorga and a family wedding. She and her husband, Joe Gorga, played a big role in it, and Margaret and Dolores were both in attendance.

Perhaps the situation between Danielle and Jennifer will die down until the season finale airs, but it’s doubtful.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey airs Sundays at 8/7c on Bravo.

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Jersey Girl
Jersey Girl
19 days ago

Jennifer Aydin and Dolores Catania are the best!!!! Please get rid of Danielle Cabral and Margaret Josephs!

18 days ago

Get Jennifer needs to go Let it go home and cleaner 16 bathrooms She don’t need the money She’s just a bored housewife But let’s leave Teresa On the show so we can watch your marriage fall apart cause Louie is A dog. Love Melissa and Joe I like Danielle. I don’t see why Teresa’s daughters have to be involved in the show Andy Cohen is a big freaking jerk He loves the drama Never liked him from the beginning I could do a better job hosts than that show than he does

Valerie Greene-Reveyoso
Valerie Greene-Reveyoso
17 days ago

I agree! Margaret and Elvira Fuda need to go! They are both horrible and very thirsty. AND SOMEONE please tell Meliar Gorga that Gia Guidice is a GROWN WOMAN.. she refers to her as a child in tonight’s episode

16 days ago

This was the 3nd time Jen was aggressive. Bye bye. N btw if she was in Ken’s space all she had to do was ask her to step back n she would have. Danielle defended herself.