Jenelle Evans calls out Reddit group for ‘harassment,’ threatens cease and desist orders

Janelle is hitting back at Reddit group users who she says are harassing her
Janelle accuses Reddit group of harassment. Pic credit:@j_evans1219/Instagram

Teen Mom 2 alum Jenelle Evans has a major bone to pick with Reddit users.

She took to Instagram recently to air her feelings about people on the discussion website who she says are targeting and harassing her.

In a series of angry tweets posted to IG stories, Evans shared proof of the alleged harassment.

The former reality star displayed screenshots from different Reddit groups talking ill against her.

Evans says harassment has resulted in loss of income

It’s not clear how far the embattled reality tv personality will take this, but she shared negative content and discussions posted about her.

Jenelle said the targeted harassment has been ongoing for  two years and that Reddit users have “called the police, child protective services and even the FBI” on her.

Furthermore, she alleged that this has affected her professional life, having “resulted in lack of income.”

Jenelle shows proof of alleged harassment.
Pic credit:@j_evans1219/Instagram

Evans shares proof of alleged harassment

In one photo Janelle gave a glimpse into the type of comments she has been subjected to on Reddit.

“You’re a dumpster fire” said one user, adding “We’re not harassing you, we come here for fun. You are the butt of the joke, but you’ve done it to yourself.”

Evans shares proof of alleged harassment
Pic credit:@j_evans1219/Instagram

Word clearly got around to users on Reddit regarding the allegations made by the mom-of-three.

Jenelle posted the screenshots of those discussions as well.

In one comment thread, Reddit group @TeenMomOGandTeenMom2 discussed the reality television personality.

One user seemed to substantiate Jenelle’s claims that Children’s Protective Services have been called.

“The people who call CPS attack sponsors and make posts about frequenting businesses associated with these girls are doing too much,” said this social media enthusiast.

Screenshots from Reddit group
Reddit group discussion. Pic credit:@j_evans1219/Instagram

Another user commented that there is a spectrum of Teen Mom fans in that person’s group, some more laid back than others.

“Some of the fans are a little bit better than others, but definitely ALL are silly,” while stressing that “there are the Teen Mom fans that make fun of the kids, contact authorities, give the moms death threats, etc.”

Reddit users discussing Janelle's allegations
Reddit group discussing Janelle. Pic credit:@j_evans1219/Instagram

Despite this being all fun and games to some members of the Reddit groups, the comments certainly don’t seem to be much fun for the embattled MTV star.

Although it is not clear if Janelle is serious about taking legal action, even if she does, in situations like these it would be pretty hard to actually track down the individuals being accused.

Mostly likely she would need to make the report directly to Reddit to have the groups in question shut down –that’s if she can prove they’ve broken the website’s guidelines.

Do you think Jenelle has a legitimate case?

Teen Mom 2 is currently on hiatus and is expected to return later this year.

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