Jenelle Evans announced Kaiser is with his dad Nathan all summer, fans react

Jenelle Evans and Nathan Griffith formerly of Teen Mom 2
Jenelle Evans’ fans reacted to news that her son Kaiser is with his dad Nathan all summer. Pic credit: MTV

Former Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans announced to her followers that her son Kaiser is staying with his dad Nathan Griffith for the summer, and they gave their opinions about it.

Jenelle and her ex-fiance Nathan Griffith share custody of their six-year-old son, Kaiser, with Jenelle maintaining primary physical custody.

Last fall, the former couple finally reached a custody agreement that allows Nathan visits every other weekend and Nathan’s mom, Doris, to provide care for Kaiser when Nathan isn’t able.

Jenelle and Nathan, who broke up after a two-year engagement, also split holidays each year. Additionally, Nathan was granted time with Kaiser for six straight weeks during the summer.

This will be the first summer that Kaiser will be with Nathan for six weeks, as the custody agreement was put into place last fall.

Jenelle said of their custody agreement, “I am glad both parties can settle outside of court instead of fighting. I feel like co-parenting at such a young age is scary and hard to cope with. Not everyone is going to get along to begin with. Everyone has a little space to grow and super glad we can all be on the same page now. Kaiser is a lot more happy and it’s a very positive change.”

Jenelle Evans formerly of Teen Mom 2 on Twitter
Jenelle tweeted that Kaiser will be staying with his dad, Nathan, for the first time this summer. Pic credit: @PBandJenelley_1/Twitter

“Kaiser went to spend the summer with his dad for the first time. This feels weird! ?❤,” Jenelle tweeted to her 1.2 million followers.

Jenelle’s followers showed up in her comments

The former MTV star’s followers commented on her post, with many using it as an opportunity to critique her parenting.

“U can always tell when someone isn’t used to doing something because they have to let social media know they did it. Thanks for letting us know you’re [co-parenting],” one of Jenelle’s followers replied to her tweet.

Jenelle Evans formerly of Teen Mom 2 on Twitter
Jenelle’s followers commented on Kaiser’s stay with Nathan. Pic credit: @PBandJenelley_1/Twitter

Another of Jenelle’s followers was concerned about Kaiser’s safety when it comes to being around his stepfather, David Eason.

They commented, “I’m glad he’ll have a safe summer away from David.”

Another fan had a comment about keeping Kaiser away from Jenelle’s husband, David.

“Thank god, he can have a break from you and the dog killing drunk,” the follower replied.

David Eason killed his family’s dog, Nugget, after it allegedly bit his and Jenelle’s daughter, Ensley, in the face.

Jenelle recently shared some positive news regarding Kaiser

The 29-year-old mom of three told her followers that Kaiser finally graduated from kindergarten. However, the six-year-old had been struggling to focus, and COVID-19 further delayed his progress.

Nathan has expressed that he doesn’t want their son, Kaiser, around Jenelle’s other son, Jace. Nathan referred to Jace as Jenelle’s “bad” son.

Last fall, Nathan told his followers during an IG live, “I don’t want Kaiser around Jace. I don’t like him. I don’t think Jace is a good kid, and that’s my opinion. I think Kaiser has a big heart; I think he’s very loving, and I think Jace picks on him because he’s smaller. So I don’t like Kaiser around Jace, and I’m sorry.”

Teen Mom 2 airs on Tuesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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