Nathan Griffith already done with Jenelle Evans and David Eason? Says he doesn’t want Kaiser around ‘bad’ son Jace

Jenelle Evans during an episode of Teen Mom 2
Nathan Griffith calls former Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans’ son Jace “bad” Pic credit: MTV

It looks like the newfound friendship between Nathan Griffith and David Eason was short-lived after Nathan said he doesn’t want his son Kaiser around Jenelle Evans’ “bad” son, Jace.

Nathan and Jenelle broke up in August 2015 following a two-year relationship in which the couple got engaged and welcomed their son Kaiser.

Shortly following their break up, Jenelle met David, her current husband.

Jenelle has Jace, 11, from a previous relationship with ex-boyfriend Andrew Lewis. She shares Kaiser, 6, with Nathan and Ensley, 3, with David.

Nathan had issues with Jenelle and David amidst an ongoing custody battle, but the three recently worked things out and appeared to be in a good place.

Even though they have been on better terms, Nathan didn’t hold back from making negative comments about Jenelle’s oldest son.

According to The Sun, Nathan went on an Instagram live and said, “I don’t want Kaiser around Jace. I don’t like him. I don’t think Jace is a good kid, and that’s my opinion. I think Kaiser has a big heart; I think he’s very loving, and I think Jace picks on him because he’s smaller. So I don’t like Kaiser around Jace, and I’m sorry.”

When a fan asked Jenelle during an Instagram Q and A whether or not she had seen the video of Nathan, Jenelle replied, “Yeah, brothers fight sometimes, that’s normal. Nathan isn’t around the boys enough to know.  And also… Kaiser fights with Ensley.”

Jenelle Evans responds to fan about Nathan's comments about Jace being a "bad" kid during an Instagram Q and A
Jenelle Evans responds to a fan about Nathan’s comments about Jace being a “bad” kid during an Instagram Q and A Pic credit: @PBandJenelley_1/Instagram

Nathan and Jenelle’s custody battle

Before Nathan’s negative comment about Jace, Jenelle shared that she and Nathan finally reached a custody agreement after going back and forth for years.

Despite their differences, they were able to come to a mutual arrangement without going to court.

In 2018, Nathan fought for full custody of Kaiser after allegations that David was violent and a danger to their son. He also claimed Jenelle and David had drug dependency and substance abuse issues.

In light of their differences, the three of them were eventually able to make amends and finally settle on custody.

In an interview with In Touch, Jenelle said, “I am glad both parties can settle outside of court instead of fighting.”

The agreement gave Jenelle primary custody and allowed Nathan to have visitation every other weekend. Nathan cannot bring Kaiser more than two hours away from Jenelle’s home, and neither Jenelle nor Nathan are allowed to talk negatively about the other in front of him.

Drama between Nathan and David

Before the custody agreement, it looked like Nathan and David were becoming friendly.

Jenelle revealed on Twitter that Nathan bought David a Trump flag for his truck.  She said the gesture was “super adorable.”

Jenelle Evans Twitter post about Nathan buying David a Trump flag
Jenelle Evans’ Twitter post about Nathan buying David a Trump flag Pic credit: @PBandJenelley_1

Fans were shocked to hear the news and asked Nathan to confirm.

In an Instagram post, Nathan said that he was doing the right thing for Kaiser and wanted him to learn how to be a “man.”

He said, “I want my son to learn compassion, love, kindness, maturity, and how to be a MAN…David and Jenelle have my son. So, if I have to kiss their freaking butts for 12 more years, I will.”

Nathan Griffith responds to fan who asked why he would make amends with David and Jenelle
Nathan responds to fan who asked why he would make amends with David and Jenelle Pic credit: @nathanj.griffith/Instagram

Despite his desire for Kaiser to learn “kindness,” Nathan is standing by his comment that Jace is a “bad” kid. Time will tell whether the co-parenting trio’s relationship will survive his recent comments or spark more drama.

Teen Mom 2 airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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