Jenelle Evans addresses looking high, blames it on anxiety meds for esophageal issues

Jenelle Evans formerly of Teen Mom 2
After haters accused Jenelle Evans of being high in a TikTok video, she explained that her anxiety meds were to blame. Pic credit: MTV

Jenelle Evans responded to Teen Mom 2 fans who criticized her for appearing high in a TikTok video, and she’s blaming it on health issues.

Over the weekend, critics noticed that Jenelle appeared to have “huge” pupils in one of her latest TikTok videos and accused her of being “high.”

In the video, Jenelle shared that she and her husband, David Eason, rented an Airbnb to celebrate David’s birthday and showed it off to her followers.

Her followers couldn’t help but notice that her pupils looked unusually large, and called her out for it, some accusing her of being on drugs.

Jenelle has a history of drug abuse, as some of it was documented during her time on Teen Mom 2, and she spent some time in rehab, as well.

Jenelle blamed her medication for health issues for her dilated pupils

The former reality TV star took to TikTok once again to address the critics’ comments about being high and revealed health issues and medication as the culprit.

“Yeah, about that — so, I take anxiety medicine and it’s for my esophagus, Jenelle told her followers.


Reply to @myusername572 YES, my eyes are dilated ??‍♀️?

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“I have esophagus issues and if you would like to know about my esophagus issues, you guys can go hang out on my YouTube channel and check out all my health updates, cuz I have a lot of them,” she continued.

Jenelle added that her esophagus spazzes and that she has a dysmotility disorder and has had numerous procedures performed, including multiple endoscopies.

Jenelle has received plenty of backlash recently

The 29-year-old mom of three’s latest TikTok video comes on the heels of more haters slamming Jenelle for her parenting and life choices.

After Jenelle thanked a fan for their support on Twitter, critics commented with remarks about her husband, David, and one told Jenelle to focus on her kids instead of making TikTok videos.

Last month, Jenelle’s followers criticized her for drinking, despite complaining about her myriad of health issues. In addition to her esophageal issues, Jenelle revealed to her followers that she also suffers from a rare spinal disorder.

Earlier this year, followers called out Jenelle yet again, accusing her of being using drugs. Jenelle shared a video of herself dancing and acting erratically, but she denied the allegations and went on a rant, defending herself.

Although Jenelle is no longer part of the Teen Mom 2 cast, she seems to find a way to stay in the middle of the drama and it has some fans wondering if she’ll return to the show.

With plummeting ratings for Teen Mom 2, fans of the show speculated that Jenelle might replace the newest cast member, Ashley Jones, in hopes of bringing viewership back to where it was when Jenelle filmed for the show.

Teen Mom 2 airs on Tuesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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