Jenelle Evans says Kail Lowry ‘used’ her for ‘ratings’ and ‘popularity,’ responds to Briana DeJesus

Kail Lowry and Jenelle Evans formerly of Teen Mom 2
Jenelle Evans got involved in the feud between Kail Lowry and Briana DeJesus and threw some major shade at Kail. Pic credit: MTV

Former Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans involved herself in the feud between Kail Lowry and Briana DeJesus and threw some major shade at her former castmate, Kail.

Briana DeJesus gave an interview recently, insinuating that Kail didn’t invite her on her podcast because she isn’t Caucasian.

“While I really hope this isn’t the case, it’s not lost on me that she was willing to talk to Jenelle – who is white – yet won’t move on with me when, up until recently, I was the only non-Caucasian cast member,” Briana told Celebuzz.

Jenelle addressed Briana’s statement about not appearing on Kail’s podcast

Jenelle caught wind of Briana’s statement, which she claimed was “sent to” her, and took to her YouTube vlog to address it.

Jenelle titled her video, “Wanted to say this for a while now…” and told her viewers, “I’ve had so many screenshots sent to me this morning, so I wanted to explain things myself.”

The former Teen Mom 2 star told her viewers that Kail invited her to be a guest on her podcast after she was fired from the series in 2019 (after her husband David Eason shot their family dog, Nugget).

Jenelle said Kail ‘uses’ people for ‘popularity’

Jenelle claimed that she declined Kail’s offer, saying, “I feel like Kail uses who she wants to for popularity and I wasn’t up for that so…”

The mother of three also added that she doesn’t understand the feud between Kail and Briana.

“I don’t know what’s going on between her and Briana. I don’t know why Kail doesn’t like her still. It’s weird,” Jenelle said.

Kail and Briana got into a feud after Kail didn’t film her domestic violence incident with baby daddy Chris Lopez and Briana got upset that it was unfair. The two have been in an online battle for weeks over the matter.

Jenelle accused Kail of ‘using’ her for ratings

When it comes to Briana’s allegations that Kail was being racist by not inviting her on the podcast, Jenelle said, “I don’t think it’s about Briana’s race and I definitely don’t think it’s because I was white that Kail wanted to make up with me.”

“It’s because she wanted ratings. In the past I feel like Kail has always used me. She has asked me to come to events that I was at and asked me to get her in,” the former MTV star continued.

Jenelle added, “It’s always been about using people with her and I don’t know if she’ll ever change but hopefully she will.”

Jenelle has found her way into the Teen Mom 2 drama lately

Kail and Briana aren’t the only Teen Mom 2 cast members that Jenelle took aim at recently. She made comments about her former castmate, Leah Messer.

Jenelle stirred up drama when she told her fans on TikTok of Leah, “I just think that she needs to live her life. I mean, I don’t feel nothing but she tries to be in a clique or be friends with who she thinks is popular. And she will go with whoever she thinks has the most benefits for her.”

Jenelle just can’t seem to stay out of the Teen Mom 2 drama, despite being off the show for two years now. But rumor has it that she may be returning to MTV after all to replace newbie Ashley Jones — and with the show’s plummeting ratings, it might be just what Teen Mom 2 needs.

Teen Mom 2 airs on Tuesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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