Briana DeJesus claps back at Kail Lowry in ongoing Teen Mom 2 feud, says Kail has ‘hatred in heart’

Kail Lowry and Briana DeJesus of Teen Mom 2
Briana DeJesus clapped back against Kail Lowry’s latest attack in their Teen Mom 2 feud. Pic credit: MTV

The Teen Mom 2 feud won’t die — Briana DeJesus has fired back at her castmate Kail Lowry after Kail went on her podcast to say she doesn’t want anything to do with Briana.

The feud began when Kail alerted her followers before an episode two weeks ago, that she wouldn’t be appearing on the show that week.

Kail told her fans that she was aware she wouldn’t be appearing on the episode after speaking with MTV. The filming for the episode coincided with Kail’s domestic violence incident, when she was arrested for allegedly punching her baby daddy, Chris Lopez, last fall.

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Briana didn’t feel it was fair that Kail could pick and choose what to film for her segments. Briana went on a rampage online, calling out Kail and saying she was “cut” from the show, and accusing her of being inauthentic and shady by choosing not to film the “humiliating” parts of her life.

Kail Lowry kept the feud alive on a recent episode of her podcast

Kail took the opportunity during a recent episode of her podcast, Coffee Convos, to clap back at Briana and give her side of things.

“I will say that, at this last reunion that we filmed, I was feeling pressure to say that I would sit on the couch with Briana. I don’t have beef with [Briana],” Kail said on her podcast.

“I don’t care. It’s water under the bridge at this point, but I still don’t want to be in [her] presence,” Kail added.

Kail told her listeners that she’s setting boundaries for herself that include not wanting to be around Briana.

“I can wish you the best of luck and genuinely mean that, but still not want to be around you,” Kail said. “And that’s a boundary that I’m setting. That’s not something that I would be interested in, but I hope that you guys have a great life,” the MTV star continued.

The 29-year-old mom of four added, “I hope that y’all are all eating, just not here at my table.”

Briana caught wind of Kail’s comments and fired back

After Briana caught wind of Kail’s comments on her podcast, she clapped back in an interview in a big way.

Briana told Celebuzz, “I find Kail’s comments about me so funny, and outright ridiculous, for so many reasons.”

“Kail couldn’t stand Jenelle and made so many comments about her yet she invited her on her podcast. Jenelle still to this day doesn’t get along with Kail, and hasn’t really made any attempts to, yet Kail clearly doesn’t see the need to ‘never be in her presence’ and was willing to sit down with her,” Briana told the entertainment site. “Yet with me it’s a different story.”

Briana added, “Kail has had a personal problem with me since day one and I’ve already owned my part in it. I’ve apologized. I’ve said I would be willing to sit down with her. I’ve said I want to move forward. I’ve said that I’m willing to sit on a couch with her. Yet she continues to want to have this issue with me.”

Kail and Briana’s feud began in 2017 when Kail’s ex-husband, Javi Marroquin, began dating Briana after Kail and Javi divorced. Since then, the two have been at each other’s throats.

Briana thinks Kail used her baby daddy Devoin Austin to ‘get under her skin’

Briana doesn’t think Kail’s comments were genuine, believes she still has beef with her, and thinks Kail was being shady with some of her actions, including having Briana’s ex/baby daddy Devoin Austin on her podcast earlier this year.

“She says it’s ‘water under the bridge,’ but it’s clearly not because she’s still feeling some type of way about it,” Briana said. She continued, “You cannot possibly convince me her having Devoin on her podcast wasn’t a calculated move.”

But Briana said that Kail’s attempts to rile her didn’t work. “She was trying to get under my skin and, at the end of the day, it didn’t work,” Briana told her interviewer.

Briana and Kail’s feud has gotten tangled

Briana brought up Kail’s recent falling out with her longtime friend, Mark Allen, as well as another Teen Mom 2 castmate, Ashley Jones. Kail recently hosted Ashley on her podcast after she got involved in the feud herself.

Briana also made claims that Ashley’s house on the show is rented by MTV and isn’t really her house and shared a screenshot of a personal apology from Ashley, causing Ashley to fire back in a profanity-laced IG tirade.

“Then she has Ashley on her Podcast and I tell a truth regarding something that was going on, specifically why Kail was cut from the episode and what I had heard, and rather than hash it out with me, Kail gets Ashley to jump in to defend her and bash me when this had nothing to do with Ashley whatsoever,” Briana told the outlet about Ashley’s involvement in the feud.

Briana added, “As one of Kail’s ex-friends [Mark Allen] recently said, she likes ‘yes’ people around her. Look at her track record: she has lost so many friends and clearly holds so many grudges that she’s never able to let go of. And that’s work she needs to do internally, to try to work on herself to figure out why there’s so much hatred in her heart.”

Briana thinks Kail’s intentions might be related to the color of her skin

“While I really hope this isn’t the case, it’s not lost on me that she was willing to talk to Jenelle, who is white, yet won’t move on with me when, up until recently, I was the only non-Caucasian cast member,” Briana told Celebuzz.

“There have been rumblings and reports regarding past racist tweets Kail interacted with and, again, while I’m hoping the color of my skin isn’t a factor here it’s certainly not lost on me that this point exists,” the 27-year-old MTV star added.

Briana claimed she isn’t going to let the drama interfere with her life

Briana claimed that she isn’t going to let Kail’s actions interfere with her living her best life with her family. “I will continue to move forward in my life. Things are great for me,” Briana revealed.

She continued, “I’m happy. I’m engaged. I have two great kids. And I’m on a successful TV show, which, let’s be honest, me being on the same level as Kail kills her internally.”

Briana ended her interview on a somewhat positive note, asking Kail to drop the feud, offering to sit down and talk it out with Kail, and even sent well wishes to her nemesis.

“But that’s fine, I’m going to keep shining and living my life,” Briana said of her personal life. “My only hope for her is that she can grow up and come out of the darkness that seems to be inside of her and step into the light. Let things go, girl. All this drama and negativity certainly can’t be worth it.”

Briana concluded, “And my offer still stands: if she’s ever ready to talk and move forward, I’m here. Even though she’s older than me, I am happy to be the mature one in this situation. Sending all my well wishes her way.”

Teen Mom 2 airs on Tuesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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