Teen Mom 2 feud: Briana DeJesus gives her side of the story on the feud with Kail

Kail Lowry and Briana DeJesus of Teen Mom 2
Briana DeJesus gave her side of the story regarding her feud with castmate Kail Lowry. Pic credit: MTV

Briana DeJesus felt she needed to clear the air regarding the feud that went down between herself and Kail Lowry after this week’s episode of Teen Mom 2.

Briana shared a video with her followers, explaining her side of the story.

She started off by explaining that she was the fifth mom added to Teen Mom 2 and that her entrance as the newest cast member didn’t sit well with “some people,” presumably Kail.

Kail and Briana’s beef started after Kail divorced her ex-husband, Javi Marroquin, who then briefly dated Briana.

Briana claimed that she squashed that beef with Kail by apologizing and thought they had moved past that. She said they agreed to be civil with each other, but not necessarily friends.

The MTV star told followers that the reason Kail didn’t appear on this week’s episode is because “She no longer wants to film about her true life. She doesn’t want to film about the issues that goes on with her and Chris, or her and Javi or her and Jo.”

She continued, “[Kail’s] trying to soup up the bad girl act and portray herself as this businesswoman, which is great and you can do that, kudos to you, so proud of you, so happy for you. But, when we are on a television show that documents our day-to-day life, it’s not fair to the crew, to the castmates who actually pour out their whole life, right?”

Briana claims she made one comment that set Kail over the edge and ignited the whole feud

She claimed there there was a lot more footage that “took over Kail’s story line.” Kail claimed earlier this year that her storyline “will never die out.”

Briana claimed that production then cut Kail’s story, and instead used footage from Jade’s surgery and recovery, which took up a large chunk of time on the episode.

The 27-year-old mom of two claimed that “Kail did not want to film about the situation with domestic violence, about her getting arrested, about her breaking and entering into [Chris’ mom’s] house. She didn’t want to film about her hitting Chris because Chris cut her son’s hair. She doesn’t want to film about any of that.”

Kail was arrested last fall for allegedly striking her baby daddy, Chris Lopez, who is father to Lux, 3, and Creed, 10 months. Reportedly, Kail took out her anger on Chris when he cut their son, Lux’s hair without consulting with her first.

Briana doesn’t know why Ashley got involved or acted ‘aggressive’

Briana shared a screenshot of a personal apology between herself and Ashley, which caused Ashley to get involved in the drama and clap back at Briana.

Talking about Ashley’s involvement in the tiff, Briana told her fans that Ashley shouldn’t have butted in because it was none of her business. But she understood why she did, given that she was with Kail, filming for her podcast at the time.

Kail shared earlier in the week that she was in California, filming an episode of her podcast with Ashley.

Briana did, however, claim on her Instagram stories that Ashley’s house isn’t “really her house,” which is another reason Ashley involved in the drama.

Briana DeJesus of Teen Mom 2 on Instagram
Briana said that the other cast members use rental homes to film and called them inauthentic, causing a feud between castmates. Pic credit: @_brianadejesus

Briana had a message regarding Ashley: “Don’t get ghetto with me because I haven’t done or said anything to her about her.”

She told her followers that it’s “not fair that other girls get to beat around the bush.” Briana claims that MTV told her and Jade they “have” to film as part of their jobs. Briana admitted that the unfairness “just hurts.”

Briana DeJesus of Teen Mom 2 on Instagram
Briana went off in her IG stories about Kail and Ashley being “fake,” starting a feud. Pic credit: @_brianadejesus/Instagram

Briana said the feud is about the principle of the matter, not about Kail or Ashley

Briana said that when other castmates start “fabricating their story,” then fans aren’t going to want to watch, which in turn affects ratings, which in turn could mean Teen Mom 2 could be “cut” from the air.

She thought this essentially “f***ed with her money” at the end of the day, and doesn’t think it’s fair. But she also said the feud is not a big deal and “all this drama is unnecessary.”

Briana had a reason for Ashley being the only Teen Mom 2 castmate who filmed their reunion segment virtually.

According to Briana, Ashley didn’t film in person for the reunion because she was “dealing with some issues with her baby daddy.” The taping of the reunion episode coincided around the same time as Ashley’s fiance, Bar Smith, was arrested for discharging a firearm.

Briana ended her message on a positive note

Briana says she doesn’t understand why people care so much about what’s going on, and told fans that her fiance, Javi Gonzalez, “doesn’t really care, to be honest.”

Briana ended her message by apologizing for clapping back and said, “I don’t have any issues with Kail, so let’s get that straight. I don’t have any issues with Kail. I don’t hate her. I think she is the beautiful woman, I think she’s very successful and I think she deserves the world, she deserves happiness.”

She added, “I want all of that for Kail. And same thing for Ashley. I don’t hate Ashley. I don’t even know Ashley. I don’t know anything about her.”

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