Teen Mom 2: Ashley Jones claps back after Briana DeJesus shares screenshot of their personal message

Teen Mom 2 stars Ashley Jones and Briana Dejesus trade jabs on social media
Ashley Jones claps back at Briana Dejesus. Pic credit:MTV

There’s a lot of drama brewing between a few Teen Mom 2 stars on social media and right now things are heating up between Ashley Jones and Briana Dejesus.

The issue was really between Briana and Kailyn Lowry, which seemed to kick off when Briana inferred she had something to do with the mom-of-four not being included in tonight’s episode.

That started a war of words between Kail and Briana. However, Ashley who was seen on video with Kail today had a thing or two to say about it.

But Briana is calling foul on Ashley’s feud with her and shared a screenshot that the 24-year-old recently sent to her apologizing for her behavior.

Briana Dejesus shares message between her and Ashley Jones

The Teem Mom 2 star took to her IG stories amid the drama between her and her costars and she shared a screenshot of a message from Ashley.

The message read, “Hi I want to reach out and say I apologize for any drama that occurred between us in the past. I let…the media and fans allow me to believe something and I really should have just asked you first. I’d also like to extend [an] apology to Jade but I am blocked…just thought I’d extend a peace offering.”

Briana Dejesus shares screenshot of Ashley apologizing amid their social media drama
Pic credit:@_brianadejesus/Instagram

Of course, Ashley is not one to take things sitting down and she quickly responded in a profanity-laced video on her own Instagram.

Ashley Jones claps back at Briana Dejesus

The newest addition to the Teen Mom 2 cast caught wind of Briana’s post and she had some choice words for her castmate.

“Briana you’re really the punk a** b***h that I thought you were,” said Ashley in her Instagram video. “Me trying to extend a peace offering to you and Jade so we can make a bag together has nothing to do with you consistently trying to pick on somebody who don’t say s**t about you b***h. You shouldn’t have blocked her and had her name in your mouth in your comments and that’s just some real b***h s**t… it was weird b***h.”

Ashley added, “And you posting my message to you, I don’t give a…about that s**t b***h. We should be able to make a bag together but when fake is fake I see it and I call it out and that’s on period.”

Check out the video of Ashley’s response below and get your ears ready for a lot of profanity.

Which Teen Mom 2 star are you siding with in this social media blowout? Are you team Ashley and Kail or team Briana?

Teen Mom 2 airs on Tuesday nights at 8/7c on MTV.

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