Was Kailyn Lowry cut from Teen Mom 2? Here’s what she had to say about it

Kail Lowry of Teen Mom 2
Kail Lowry of Teen Mom 2 cleared the air about being “cut” from the show. Pic credit: MTV

Ahead of last night’s episode of Teen Mom 2, Kail Lowry spoke out amid allegations by another cast member that she was “cut” from the show and explained what really happened.

On this week’s episode of Teen Mom 2, observant viewers may have noticed that there were no segments featuring Kail.

Shortly before the episode aired, Kail took to her Instagram stories to clear the air about why she wouldn’t be appearing in last night’s episode.

Kail seemed to take aim at Briana over ‘false allegations’

“[I’ve gone] back and forth on whether I should address this or not. Um, mainly because all of our contracts say that we actually can’t make statements about, um, the episodes, the network, things like that, um, without having it approved,” Kail told her followers.

“But since other people are kind of just making false allegations, or um, not really true statements, I kind of wanted to clear the air,” Kail added.

Kail seemed to be referring to Briana when she mentioned “false allegations” were being made.

Around the same time Kail released her statement, her enemy and fellow castmate, Briana DeJesus released a statement of her own, insinuating that Kail was “cut” from the show.

Kail said her absence was really ‘not that big of a deal’

The mom of four explained that it was her choice not to appear on last night’s episode. She claimed that the network asked for content from her that she felt wasn’t “genuine.”

Kail told her fans, “So, I chose not to participate in tonight’s episode because I didn’t feel like the content that was being asked for was genuine or authentic to who I am.”

“And furthermore, I don’t feel like I should be making a storyline out of Chris or Javi or Jo if I don’t feel like that is truly as much a part of my life as it would be made to seem on the show,” Kail explained.

Kail mentioned her exes most likely because of what Briana posted. In Briana’s statement, she alleged that Kail’s arrest for her domestic dispute with baby daddy Chris Lopez should have been filmed for the show.

Speaking of her exes, Kail revealed earlier this year that none of her three baby daddies wanted to film for Teen Mom 2 any longer. In fact, Chris Lopez took it one step further and threatened legal action if he appears on any episodes this season.

Kail thought other areas of her life should be aired

The entrepreneur also noted that there are other things going on in her life, like her new house, her kids, and her businesses, that she’d rather focus on filming. However, Kail claims that “they weren’t interested” in filming those areas of her life.

She went on to say that she was told initially that she would appear in all 12 episodes this season, but then ended up not appearing in all of them. She said that she accepted the fact she wouldn’t appear in all 12 episodes.

The reality TV personality then explained that she received an email the morning of the air date confirming that she wouldn’t appear in last night’s episode. The email contained last night’s episode, which she claims she didn’t watch.

Kail had no problem accepting that fact from a financial standpoint. She told fans that she makes more money in an episode of her podcasts than she does from filming for Teen Mom 2.

Kail said ‘nobody cut her out,’ once again took aim at Briana

“Nobody cut me out. It had nothing to do with Briana and Jade. It had nothing to do with Briana having more going on than me. It’s literally that I chose not to film things that did not feel genuine to me or to my story. And I’m truly choosing, like, my peace of mind over a paycheck.

The MTV star also noted that she has the freedom to be authentic and unscripted on both of her podcasts. She said that she’ll continue to film with Teen Mom 2 for as long as it feels “genuine and real.”

Kail ended her video with an indirect message, seemingly aimed at Briana. She said, “I’m not gonna allow someone who really doesn’t have a hand in the editing process to create this narrative that’s not true.”

Kail ended her rant on a positive note: “Nobody’s pressed, nobody’s bothered, just don’t be spreading false things and everything’s good!”

Teen Mom 2 airs on Tuesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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