Teen Mom 2 fans think Jenelle Evans is ‘high’ in this TikTok video because of the size of her ‘huge’ pupils

Jenelle Evans on Teen Mom 2
Critics question Jenelle Evans’ dilated pupils in latest TikTok video Pic credit: MTV

Former Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans is being criticized by her followers once again, and this time it’s because of a recent TikTok video she posted.

Jenelle often posts videos or photos that get critics talking and typically brushes off the hate she receives.

Despite all of the backlash, she continues to create videos and social media posts and doesn’t worry about what people will have to say about it.

In her most recent TikTok video, Jenelle’s pupils were noticeably large which caused several fans to think she was under the influence of drugs.

In the video, she is seen talking about an Airbnb she rented for her husband David Eason’s birthday.

She showed off the $95 rental and said they had gone out for a nice dinner in town and were without their kids for the night.


#ParentNightOut #MomHack ! Wayyyyy better than a hotel. $95 a night! ✨? #HappyBirthday to @easondavid

♬ original sound – Jenelle Evans

Followers couldn’t help but notice the size of her pupils and took to the comments to call her out for being “high.”

Followers accuse Jenelle Evans of being ‘high’ due to ‘huge’ pupils in TikTok video

People were quick to take to the comments section to share their thoughts on Jenelle’s appearance.

A few viewers commented on the appearance of her pupils while others suggested that she might be on something that caused her pupils to dialate.

Fans comment on Jenelle's appearance in TikTok video
Fans comment on Jenelle’s appearance in TikTok video Pic credit: @myusername572/TikTok
A fan implied that Jenelle was using cocaine
A fan implied that Jenelle was using cocaine Pic credit: @Lindsay/TikTok

Jenelle responded to the comment that insinuated she had “snorted something” and let everyone know that she has never used cocaine.

Jenelle says she's never used cocaine
Jenelle says she’s never used cocaine Pic credit: @JenelleEvans/TikTok

Haters took to Reddit and continued the conversation about Jenelle’s appearance with many thinking she appeared “high” and noted that her pupils were “huge.”

Jenelle addresses the cause of her giant pupils in separate TikTok video

In response to all the hate she received, Jenelle made a separate video where she addressed all of the comments about her pupils.

She blamed the anxiety medication she takes for her esophagus issues and encouraged those who wanted to know more about her medical condition to visit her YouTube page where she has continued to post updates about her recent diagnosis.

Jenelle explained that she has been having more spasms in her esophagus lately which has affected her ability to properly digest her food. This has required her to take more of the anxiety medication which can cause her eyes to dilate.

She ended the video saying, “Not lying to you. I have nothing to hide. Sorry. Sorry to burst your bubble but I am not on drugs and if I am they are prescribed to me.”


Reply to @myusername572 YES, my eyes are dilated ??‍♀️?

♬ original sound – Jenelle Evans

Whether or not Jenelle’s anxiety medication is the true culprit for her dilated pupils remains unknown. It’s clear that even though she isn’t actively filming with Teen Mom 2, she still has many haters who are always looking for things to criticize about her and her life.

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