David Eason called out for trying to justify shooting family dog with this photo

David Eason formerly of Teen Mom 2
David Eason formerly of Teen Mom 2 shared a picture that has fans thinking he justified killing the family dog, Nugget Pic credit: MTV

Former Teen Mom 2 star David Eason seemed to be justifying killing his family’s dog with a picture he shared of his daughter, Ensley.

Back in 2019, David shot and killed the family dog, Nugget, after it allegedly bit his and Jenelle’s daughter, Ensley, in the face.

David claimed that it wasn’t the first time Nugget had nipped at Ensley’s face and defended his actions.

David’s actions cost Jenelle her spot on Teen Mom 2 as MTV cut ties after discovering he shot and killed Nugget.

To kick off the weekend, David shared a picture of Ensley standing in front of the pool with her arms around the newest family dog, Rosie.

Along with the photo, David shared the caption that read, “If you can’t get in your dogs face and give him kisses you need a new dog.”

David’s comment set off his followers, who called him out

David’s followers saw his post as a justification for shooting Nugget and felt his caption alluded to the incident when Ensley got nipped in the face by Nugget.

One of David’s followers thought that experts would disagree with David.

They commented, “I’m sure hundreds of dog experts would disagree. Most dogs [don’t] like [people] being in their face or being hugged. But I guess if [people] want to take the advice of a man that shot his family dog instead of teaching his kid to respect the dogs space after the dog already gave clues he was uncomfortable with that kind of thing – to each their own.”

David Eason formerly of Teen Mom 2 on Instagram
David’s followers spoke out Pic credit: @easondavid88/Instagram

Another of David’s followers had a simple message for him: “This is a disgusting attempt at justifying what you did.”

David Eason formerly of Teen Mom 2 on Instagram
David’s fans didn’t all agree with him Pic credit: @easondavid88/Instagram

David defended his post

One commenter told David that he needs to teach his kids how to act around animals, and it set him off.

“And you have to teach your children how to act around animals ??‍♀️,” wrote a follower in David’s comments.

David Eason formerly of Teen Mom 2 on Instagram
David replied to a commenter Pic credit: @easondavid88/Instagram

David countered the comment and claimed that he does, in fact, teach his children how to act around animals. In fact, he supported kids kissing dogs in the face.

“I do teach them. Your children giving the dog kisses on the face is perfectly acceptable behavior ?,” David responded.

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