David Eason lashes out at Teen Mom 2 fans who spoke out after he threatened to ‘smack’ daughter Ensley

David Eason in the midst of a blowout fight with Jenelle during Season 8 of Teen Mom 2.
David Eason during a blowout fight with Jenelle during Season 8 of Teen Mom 2. Pic credit: MTV

Former Teen Mom 2 baby daddy David Eason mocked the people who are criticizing him online for threatening to hit his and Jenelle Evans’s daughter, Ensley.

He made this threat after the toddler babbled about her father killing their family’s baby chicks. The Internet found out about it because Ensley was recording on a TikTok livestream and captured David’s aggression.

Jenelle defended her 32-year-old husband, but now Eason himself is responding to the backlash.

Teen Mom 2’s David Eason attacks commenters online after outrage from fans

While Ensley and her dad were tending to some of their baby chicks on David’s TikTok account, the four-year-old vocalized her unhappiness with her father.

“Remember, you killed the baby chicks?” Ensley blurted. “Don’t shoot them again, again! Then I’ll be so mad.”

Of course, David denied this.

“If you kill them again, I’ll be so mad!” Ensley continued. She then insisted in the video that the incident had just happened the day previous.

Eason then yelled, “I will smack you in the mouth!” before shutting off the livestream.

Afterward, David received hate for this aggressive nature towards his daughter in the video. Plus, this is not the first time Eason faced accusations of killing animals.

In response, Eason took to his now-private account on Instagram and shared a photo of him hunting with the location set as “Up Your *ss(;”.

The caption mocked the whole situation saying, “Oh you know, just out here hunting ‘baby chicks.'”

Pic credit: @easondavid88 / Instagram

Eason then went into the comments section to quip back at those who were condemning his actions.

Pic credit: @easondavid88 / Instagram

Jenelle Evans tried to defend her husband of four years in an Instagram post with David and Ensley at the beach.

She captioned, “No matter how badly you hate @easondavid88 , he’s the best father he could ever be. Only if you knew us personally maybe then you would agree, until then stop judging our lives because we’re doing just fine.”

David Eason’s troubling and lengthy history of abusing animals

This is certainly not the first time that Jenelle’s baby daddy caused so much anger in the Teen Mom fandom.

In fact, the very reason MTV kicked Jenelle off the show was because David shot and killed their family dog after it nipped at Ensley.

The Sun reported back in September 2020 that Eason slaughtered their baby goat and posed with the severed head.

Fans found this repeated display of violent behavior concerning, considering he acts as a father figure to Jenelle’s three children.

Despite all of this, the 29-year-old mother continues to support her husband.

With the highly anticipated Teen Mom 2 premiere fast approaching, all eyes are on the show’s original stars, and audiences are becoming worried about the pair’s parenting skills.

Teen Mom 2 is set to premiere May 4th on MTV at 8/7c.

All episodes of Teen Mom are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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