Jeff Probst reveals why Survivor does a final three instead of a final two now, point of Fire-Making Challenge

Jeff Probst Survivor Host
Jeff Probst returns for Survivor 47 in Fiji. Pic credit: Robert Voets/CBS

Survivor decides its winner by having a jury vote between the final three players.

It used to be the case that the Survivor jury would choose between the final two castaways, but a controversial change shifted how production does things.

Even more controversial than the final three might be the Fire Challenge that decides who makes it to the final three.

During a new episode of his On Fire podcast, Jeff addressed the controversy and weighed in with his opinions.

This podcast releases new episodes each Wednesday night after new installments of Survivor 44.

Some great information has been released during past podcast episodes, including how cheating is allowed on the show.

Jeff Probst speaks about Survivor’s final three controversy

According to Jeff, he is confused about why the twist has been criticized.

Jeff believes it is more interesting for one person to beat out two people at the end.

He also alludes that things can get boring if a vote between the final two castaways turns into a blowout.

Fire-Making Challenge explained by Jeff Probst

During Episode 9 of the On Fire podcast, Jeff discussed the Fire-Making Challenge. It has become a huge component of the game.

In the new format for the show, when the castaways get down to the final four people, they compete in a challenge to decide who is safe. That Immunity winner then chooses someone to go to the final three with them, and they also put two people into a Fire-Making Challenge.

The winner of that Fire-Making Challenge gets the last spot in the final three.

Jeff says the idea behind the Fire-Making Challenge is to ensure that a likable or popular player isn’t eliminated immediately at the final four. Rather than the final Immunity winner deciding everything about the final three, the Fire-Making Challenge leaves something up to chance.

Jeff also spoke about Survivor 43 and said that it wasn’t the fault of the challenge that Jesse Lopez lost that season.

Regarding the future of the Fire-Making Challenge, Jeff says it is here to stay.

More news from Survivor

The first member of the Survivor 45 cast was revealed. That person is playing on a season that will air in the fall of 2023 on CBS.

And a Survivor 44 showmance has been confirmed following the end of filming for the season. Many fans asked questions about the relationship after it became a subplot in the new season.

Survivor 44 airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on CBS.

All episodes of Survivor are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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Y dont u let the viewers decide by voting in every week since wr ser it all it should b our vote