Survivor 45 cast: First player on the new season revealed

Jeff Probst Survivor Host
More Survivor with host Jeff Probst is on the way. Pic credit: Robert Voets/CBS

In surprising news, the first Survivor 45 cast member has been revealed.

CBS ordered a new season of the reality competition show, and it will likely air in the fall of 2023.

Jeff Probst is back as the host, and it is/will be filmed in Fiji.

There are unconfirmed rumors that the filming has already begun, but if not, that will happen soon.

As for the early news about the Survivor 45 cast, the fan site Inside Survivor provided a big announcement.

For fans who have been watching Season 44, the name of this castaway will be very familiar.

Who is on the Survivor 45 cast?

Bruce Perreault is back.

After getting medically evacuated from Fiji during the filming of Survivor 44, Bruce is getting another shot.

According to Inside Survivor, they have several sources confirming that Bruce is back for Survivor 45.

When the premiere for Season 44 aired, Jeff announced that the production team was inviting Bruce to return to the show.

This appears to be the confirmation that Bruce is playing again. But it also raises some questions.

Since the Survivor 45 cast has seen the beginning of the Survivor 44 season, they know that Bruce is a returning player.

If it is a season with Bruce and many new people, the new castaways could target him.

Maybe there are other wrinkles to the season, though, like additionally medically evacuated people from past seasons getting a second chance.

More from Survivor 44

New episodes for Survivor 44 air each Wednesday night on CBS. Ten people are still competing for the $1 million prize, and the next episode has some drama.

In the latest episode, Frannie won an Immunity Challenge with a cost.

And in early footage from the next episode, Frannie struggles to play the game by herself. There are also hints that a big elimination plan is in place for the next Tribal Council. Will it work?

For fans who missed any of the first seven episodes of the season, they are all available for streaming on Paramount+. That’s also where fans can re-watch classic seasons of the past, including Winner At War (Season 40).

Matt Blankinship is now at home after competing on Survivor 44, and he revealed some big news about his life.

It turns out that Matt and Frannie are dating, and their showmance has now carried over into the real world.

That alone would be an excellent reason for a Survivor Reunion Show to take place this spring.

Survivor 44 airs Wednesdays nights at 8/7c on CBS.

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