What happened to Bruce on Survivor 44?

Bruce Perreault on Survivor 44
Bruce Perreault had to be medically evacuated from Survivor 44. Pic credit: CBS

Survivor 44 castaway Bruce Perreault didn’t last very long.

The 46-year-old insurance agent from Warwick, Rhode Island, burst onto the scene during the season premiere.

From his early interactions with host Jeff Probst and the rest of the cast, Bruce looked like someone who could contend for the $1 million prize.

At the first Reward Challenge of the season, Bruce threw everything he had into winning it for his tribe (Tika).

Unfortunately, Bruce’s size got the best of him as he tried to lunge under an immovable obstacle on the course.

Bruce hit his head hard on a wooden structure, leading to an injury that became immediately obvious to everyone.

Bruce Perreault tries to tough it out on Survivor 44

Jeff Probst halted the challenge when he saw that Bruce was bleeding. The medics came to check him out, but Bruce remained in the game after getting cleared.

The toughness that Bruce had shown while completing the challenge was something that would help him with his tribe moving forward. But his journey didn’t last much longer.

That same night, Bruce started feeling dizzy at his tribe’s beach, leading to the medical team getting called again. This time, though, Bruce was pulled from the game with a concussion and a laceration to his head.

Bruce got invited to play Survivor again

After his journey in Fiji lasted about a day, Bruce returned to his regular life. But after the first episode of Season 44 aired on CBS, Jeff Probst announced Bruce was getting invited back.

Bruce is now slated to appear in a future season of the show. The producers have not revealed when that will happen, but it could be as soon as Survivor 45.

CBS has already ordered Season 45, so filming in Fiji will begin soon. The new season will air on television during the fall of 2023.

For fans who want to get to know Bruce a little better, below is an exit interview he did after Survivor 44.

More news from Survivor

On Survivor 44, the merge just took place on Episode 6. In the next episode, a new advantage will hit Fiji, with the castaways scrambling to get it.

And after all of the Immunity Idols surfaced earlier in the season (real and fake), only a few remain on Survivor 44.

To catch up on previous episodes of the show or to watch the season premiere that featured Bruce Perreault, everything is available for streaming on Paramount+.

Survivor 44 airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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