Who still has a Real Immunity Idol on Survivor 44?

Carolyn Wiger Survivor 44 cast photo
Carolyn Wiger from the Survivor Season 44 cast. Pic credit: Robert Voets/CBS

Survivor 44 has been a season packed with Immunity Idols.

The producers intended to cause chaos with all these Idols, and it could soon come to fruition.

A Birdcage Twist was introduced in Fiji, allowing castaways to control a Real Immunity Idol and a Fake Immunity Idol at each camp.

This led to three different castaways being in control of a Real Idol and a Fake Idol.

Nobody has tried to play a Fake Idol through the first five episodes of Survivor 44. The upcoming merge could change all of that.

Early Merge Challenge footage has been teased for the next episode, which will also cause some Immunity Idols to expire.

Who still has a Real Immunity Idol on Survivor 44?

Carson Garrett and Jaime Lynn Ruiz each got an Immunity Idol by going on a Journey. Josh Wilder also got one but used it to survive a recent Tribal Council.

The Idols Carson and Jaime received were only good until the merge, so they will expire as soon as the final 12 castaways come together on the beach.

As for what happened to the Immunity Idol that Matthew Grinstead-Mayle found, he explained that to Survivor fans.

This will leave just two people with Real Immunity Idols in their possession. Carolyn Wiger and Danny Massa will become very powerful when the official merge happens.

As for the Fake Idols, Matt Blankinship and Jaime each have one. It’s possible that they could be pushed into positions where they have to be played during the new episode.

More from Survivor 44

In addition to the exciting new episodes of Survivor each Wednesday night, host Jeff Probst has been releasing episodes of a new podcast.

Jeff is giving fans a look behind the curtain and sharing what goes into making each season. He has also revealed a few juicy secrets that fans hadn’t known.

Jeff even revealed that one castaway threw away an advantage on accident.

Another topic that Jeff touched upon is how Survivor castaways are allowed to cheat. Many fans have complained about tribes cheating during Immunity Challenges, and Jeff sought to set the record straight about it.

Regarding those fan concerns, many complaints have been made about castaways sitting out back-to-back challenges. Jeff explained the sit-out rules in detail.

To go back and watch previous episodes from Survivor 44, everything can be streamed on Paramount+. For Survivor fans with spare time, that might be an excellent way to review how each castaway came upon the Idols they now possess.

Survivor 44 airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on CBS.

All episodes of Survivor are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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