Survivor spoilers: Merge Challenge teams revealed

Kane from Survivor 44.
Kane Fritzler from the Survivor 44 cast. Pic credit: Robert Voets/CBS

Survivor spoilers from the next episode reveal the teams for the Merge Challenge.

During recent seasons, the tribes have had to earn their spots on the merged tribe.

It appears that the producers are following that format again in Season 44.

Earlier, some footage of the Survivor 44 Merge was released. That was a pretty good teaser for fans.

A still photo now gives specific clues about how the 12 castaways will compete for a spot in the merged tribe.

As a reminder, Matthew got eliminated last, with his shoulder injury forcing an early exit.

What are the Survivor 44 Merge Challenge teams?

There are 12 people left who will be split into two teams of six for the Merge Challenge.

Thanks to the investigative work of Mike Bloom, the first team will have Brandon, Carolyn, Carson, Frannie, Jaime, and Matt.

Danny, Heidi, Josh, Kane, Lauren, and Yam Yam will be on the second team.

The bromance between Brandon and Danny will have to wait a bit longer.

Since the team with Carolyn has many Fake Immunity Idols, Tribal Council could be interesting if they are the ones facing the music.

And for any Survivor fans who weren’t already aware, all 12 people will get a chance to vote. Well, except for Matt, who still doesn’t have his vote after that Journey earlier in the season.

More from Survivor 44

The Immunity Idols that Carson and Jaime had will expire as soon as the 12 people relocate to one beach.

Josh is the only person from that trio who used his Immunity Idol after getting it on a Journey.

And for viewers wondering about what happened with Matthew’s Idol, here are some additional Survivor spoilers.

The game is about to change in a big way, with at least six people gaining safety from the Merge Challenge.

And once the tribes are officially merged, the final 11 castaways will begin playing for the Individual Immunity Idol.

Survivor fans who haven’t tuned in for Jeff Probst’s new podcast should check it out.

Jeff is revealing many behind-the-scenes secrets and clarifying the rules of the game.

He talked about how Survivor castaways are allowed to cheat. The producers know what’s going on at the Immunity Challenges, and the choice has been made to look the other way.

Jeff also surprised listeners by saying someone threw away an advantage on Survivor.

And on another episode, Jeff said the producers would review the sit-out rules after what happened this season.

Survivor 44 airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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