Carolyn Wiger posts a reaction video of new Survivor 44 bromance

Brandon Cottom Survivor
Brandon Cottom on the Survivor 44 cast. Pic credit: Robert Voets/CBS

Carolyn Wiger had become the darling of the Survivor 44 cast.

With each new episode, Carolyn continues providing memorable moments for fans.

That continued with Survivor 44, Episode 5, where three castaways were sent on a Journey.

Carolyn (Tika), Brandon Cottom (Ratu), and Danny Massa (Soka) were each sent on the latest Journey.

Rather than an extra vote or an Immunity Idol, the trio got a nice spread of food and time to discuss the game.

That’s where a new bromance between Brandon and Danny was created, leaving Carolyn a bit miffed.

Carolyn Wiger shares a new reaction video to Survivor 44

On her Twitter page, Carolyn shared a reaction video (shared below) to some key moments from the new Survivor episode.

In it, she pokes fun at the bromance between Brandon and Danny without even saying a word. Her soundtrack does all the necessary work.

Survivor fans on Carolyn’s side

Many Survivor fans are on Carolyn’s side, and they have left comments of support on her post.

“It was painful for the rest of us to watch too. We got ur back!!!” a Twitter user named Robyn wrote.

“This is (sadly) the single most relatable scene I’ve ever watched on survivor,” a Twitter user named Isela wrote.

Quite a few additional Twitter users related to what Carolyn was saying with her post, and those thoughts are shared below.

Survivor Fans Message Carolyn
Survivor fans leave notes for Carolyn Wiger. Pic credit: @carolynwiger/Twitter

Carolyn Wiger on Survivor 44

Social media posts from Carolyn have added a new enjoyment level for Survivor fans watching this season.

Recently, Carolyn also embraced the Felicia nickname in a fun post from the beach.

Her energetic approach to the game of Survivor has been equal parts entertaining and innovative. Nobody has played Survivor like this before, so how it all plays out is anyone’s guess.

Through the first five episodes of the season, six people have already been eliminated from the reality competition.

There are now just 12 people left competing for the $1 million prize, hinting heavily that a merge will arrive soon at the beaches of Fiji.

Before hitting that Merge Twist, the three tribes will likely get moved to two tribes. That could put a lot of Immunity Idols on one tribe, depending on how the draw for buffs goes down.

A new episode of Survivor 44 arrives on April 5, but until then, fans can go back and watch any of the previous episodes by streaming them on Paramount+.

And for anyone who needs a cheat sheet, here is a breakdown of the various Immunity Idols on Survivor 44.

Survivor 44 airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on CBS.

All episodes of Survivor are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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