Carolyn Wiger poses in a bikini as she preaches love and calls herself Felicia

Carolyn On Survivor Cast
Carolyn Wiger was featured in the Spring 2023 season of Survivor. Pic credit: CBS

Carolyn Wiger from Survivor 44 is quickly becoming a fan favorite.

Through the first four episodes of the season, she has made a huge impact on viewers.

Within the game, Carolyn also has an Immunity Idol, giving her some power as the tribes get closer to a merge.

And on the last episode, viewers finally saw why she had called herself Felicia on social media. Mystery solved.

That’s a joke that could stick with her for years to come.

Can Carolyn end up as the Survivor 44 winner? Everyone will have to stay tuned to find out.

Carolyn poses in a bikini, calls herself Felicia

In the image shared below, Carolyn lies down on the pavement while a rainbow spreads around her.

Carolyn strikes a pose while wearing a black bikini tied off at the sides and a pride hat.

“LET US LIVE! LET US LOVE!” reads the caption that includes a heart and a rainbow.

To finish her post, Carolyn added hashtags for Survivor, being a mom, being a little extra, and calling herself Felicia.

Carolyn also uses the post to call herself Felicia before the episode where she earned the new nickname.

Carolyn becomes Felicia on Survivor 44

During Survivor 44, Episode 5, the Tika tribe went to Tribal Council after doing poorly in an Immunity Challenge.

While the tribe was answering questions from host Jeff Probst, Yam Yam accidentally referred to the person he was voting out as a “she” when he had discussed voting against Josh.

Carolyn immediately figured out Yam Yam was talking about her, even as he tried to backtrack and claim it was just a generalization.

It led to some very funny moments at Tribal Council, and the nickname Felicia will be stuck with Carolyn.

Taking the humor from that situation a step further, Carolyn posted about it on Twitter this week.

More from Survivor 44

An absurd number of Immunity Idols have popped up this season. It could have a big impact on how the game progresses, especially if it gets to a point where everyone in a tribe possesses one.

Looking ahead to the new episode of Survivor 44, another medical evacuation has been hinted at. Could the game end for one of the final 13 castaways?

Host Jeff Probst has been revealing many Survivor secrets through his new podcast. Each week, a new episode of the podcast comes out. And Jeff is providing a lot of behind-the-scenes information.

When fans complained about Claire Rafson sitting out too often, Jeff said producers will revisit the sit-out rules.

If anyone has missed an episode of Survivor 44, all content is available for streaming on Paramount+.

Survivor 44 airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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