Frannie Marin made the right move on Survivor 44 and here’s why

Survivor 44 Frannie
Frannie Marin played on the Survivor 44 cast. Pic credit: CBS/Robert Voets

Survivor 44, Episode 7 included a team Immunity Challenge.

The remaining castaways were split into two teams competing for safety.

The castaways then stood on narrow platforms while balancing a ball at the end of a long pole.

At stake was safety for one team and an immunity necklace for the final person standing from each team.

The overall individual winner would also earn peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for their teammates.

Frannie, Carolyn, Danny, Heidi, and Kane were on one team. Matt, Lauren, Yam Yam, Danny, and Jaime were on the other team.

Carson had to sit this out, but he was allowed to predict which team would win. Guessing correctly (he did) meant he would enjoy the food reward.

Frannie chooses between her team and Matt

Matt Blankinship and Fannie Marin began a showmance on Survivor 44 that made them a big target. It would have been very difficult for the tandem to make it to the end of the season.

Frannie did extremely well in the challenge and had already won individual immunity while members of the other team were still competing.

If she had dropped out of the challenge, she could have secured safety for Matt. But it would have also meant that her team would lose the food reward.

At Tribal Council, Matt was voted off Survivor. He finished in 11th place and became the first member of the Survivor 44 jury.

Frannie made the right decision on Survivor 44

In a game where food is a luxury, missing out on rewards can lead to some animosity from people.

If Frannie had quit the challenge as a way to save Matt, she could have created a lot of new enemies in the game.

Additionally, with how well she did in the challenge, she deserved to have the food reward.

Sure, she could have saved Matt for a few more days. She could have secured a duo, and they could have both made the final 10. But there were no guarantees after that night. Saving Matt would have put them on an island and forced one of them to win every challenge for the rest of the season.

Yes, it’s possible that Matt and Frannie could have gone on a long winning streak, but it would have been nearly impossible to protect each other for the rest of the season.

And why should Frannie risk her shot at the $1 million prize to save someone she just met?

An update on Frannie and Matt

For Survivor fans who haven’t heard, Frannie and Matt are now dating.

And in other news, a new season of The Challenge USA has cast rumors.

Survivor 44 airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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