Jeff Lewis tells Andy Cohen that RHOC star Kelly Dodd should have her social media monitored

Jeff Lewis admits that Kelly Dodd needs help managing her social media.
Jeff Lewis admits that Kelly Dodd needs help managing her social media. Pic credit: Bravo

Former Flipping Out star Jeff Lewis weighs in on Real Housewives of Orange County star Kelly Dodd’s controversial social media track record.

Kelly has received plenty of backlash for posting about attending large gatherings amid the coronavirus pandemic and the infamous Drunk Wives Matter hat.

Andy Cohen held Kelly’s feet under the fire during the RHOC reunion. Jeff seems to be on the same side as the Bravo head.

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Jeff appeared on Watch What Happens Live after RHOSLC star Lisa Barlow had to back out due to a medical emergency.

During the episode, Jeff weighed in on Kelly and all the controversy surrounding her.

“Kelly Dodd has been a polarizing figure. More polarizing on social media than she has been on the show, weirdly. What is your take on Kelly this season?” Andy asked.

Jeff admitted that despite the drama that has gone down, he is still a fan.

“Look, I’ve always liked Kelly,” Jeff explained. “I think that, you know, she kind of calls out the elephant in the room. I like that she’s completely unfiltered. I’m always waiting for her, you know, what is she gonna say next?”

However, he does think that Kelly needs to be more careful about posting on social media.

“I think in regard to social media, and I know that she recently, I think, lost an endorsement because of what she has said on social media. I think she needs a monitor,” he added. “I think there’s certain people that need to be monitored before they post something and I think she’s one of them.”

Andy Cohen grilled Kelly during the RHOC reunion

Andy confronted Kelly on the controversial things she has posted and said.

Andy called out Kelly for comments that she made around COVID-19. She had at one point even said it’s “God’s way of thinning the herd,” which infuriated a lot of people.

Kelly only made matters worse for herself. She doubled down on her comments and expressed that she was uncertain if masks worked, claiming that “pants don’t block farts.”

Kelly attacked Andy and claimed he was coming for her because he didn’t like Trump.

Andy claimed he was merely trying to help her after he has received feedback from fans about what Kelly has been posting on social media.

Following the reunion, Kelly was fired from Positive Beverage.

Bravo viewers boycotted RHOC due to Kelly’s behavior

Kelly received backlash on her social media after she posted a picture of her wearing a hat that said Drunk Wives Matter. Many felt that it was insensitive and mocked the Black Lives Matter movement.

Additionally, Kelly has made comments on social media that criticize CDC guidelines, meant to minimize the impact of COVID-19.

Several Bravo bloggers said they wouldn’t watch the season because of Kelly’s behavior.

Many have demanded for her to be fired. While Kelly remained a part of the season, Kelly herself even has admitted that she probably won’t be asked back for another season.

The Real Housewives of Orange County is currently on hiatus on Bravo.

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