Jeff Lewis tells Andy Cohen he should recast Mary Cosby on Real Housewives of Salt Lake City

Jeff Lewis thinks Mary Cosby should sit next season out. Does she agree?
Jeff Lewis thinks Mary Cosby should sit next season out. Does she agree? Pic credit: Bravo

Former Flipping Out star Jeff Lewis thinks Real Housewives of Salt Lake City star Mary Cosby should get the boot.

Jeff appeared on Watch What Happens Live Wednesday in place of RHOSLC star Lisa Barlow after she suffered from an eye injury and couldn’t appear on the show.

Jeff dished on the new series with WWHL host Andy Cohen.

At first, he wasn’t sure about the idea of RHOSLC, but like most viewers, ended up loving it.

It appears that he has taken a side in the Jen versus Mary feud.

Jeff stated that he loves Jen and that Mary needs to go.

“Yeah, I’m glad that you brought that up because I was gonna talk to you off-camera. I’m noticing, you know, I watched the whole season. I noticed that [Mary] was very disconnected from the cast,” Jeff shared.

“When I was watching the show, I noticed her absence. And then when she is with the cast, she’s not connected to them at all. I’m suggesting a re-cast of Mary.”

Andy then hinted that Mary may impress viewers during the upcoming RHOSLC reunion.

“Well, watch the reunion and then let me know if you still feel that way,” Andy teased. “Because…I don’t know. I don’t know.

Mary may not want to return for RHOSLC Season 2

Mary may actually be on the same page as Jeff in regards to returning for the already-confirmed RHOSLC Season 2.

Mary confessed during an interview with ET that she may not want to return for a second season of the show.

“I don’t know if I’d do this again,” Mary responded when asked if she’d film another season.

“I just don’t know. That’s a strong question…I mean would they want me back?” Mary added.

Mary also reportedly wasn’t thrilled with some of the show’s decisions like teasing her controversial marriage on the trailer ahead of the season premiere.

Mary didn’t enjoy filming at times

Mary implied during her ET interview that she didn’t necessarily enjoy spending time with the RHOSLC cast.

“I feel like if I go in to do an event, or go to do something fun or enjoyable, dinner and vacation, that’s super touchy. I’m gonna go with someone I enjoy, someone that enjoys me. That sounds fun. But to go with this group? Every escape was, like, literally an escape for me,” Mary confessed.

She also revealed that she felt “happy” and “at peace” with her decision not to attend the Las Vegas girls’ trip orchestrated by Whitney Rose.

However, as Andy teased, the reunion may turn things around for Mary and fan reactions may encourage her to stay on the show for another season.

Do you think Mary should return for RHOSLC Season 2?

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